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BLACK EYED PEAS carolannpeacock.com - mine Humpscarolannpeacock.com come "My Humps" track by black color EYED PEAS: What friend gon' carry out with all the junk? All the junk within ... All that ass within them jeans? I'm a make, make,...
BEYONCE KNOWLES text - Rocketcarolannpeacock.com come "Rocket" song by BEYONCE KNOWLES: allow me sit this ass on you show you just how I feel Let me take it this ... Daddy what you're gon' carry out with every this ass
JUICY J text - Whatcha unable to do Do
carolannpeacock.com come "Whatcha gone Do" song by JUICY J: Watchu gon' perform with it? Watchu gon' execute with the ... You gained all the ass in them trousers shawty. Watchu gon' perform with it...
WIZ KHALIFA carolannpeacock.com - Ass
DropHow the hell you obtain all that ass in castle pants? how you drinkin' and you ain't gained ... You obtained a ass do a nigga wanna to buy a ring. You acquired a ass do a nigga...
LIL JON & THE east SIDE BOYZ text - What you Gon
' DoHell nah friend ain't gonna crap all the poppin' at the mouth gonna obtain you fucked up... Posesthe nigga ... And also they step the ass nigga the be talking the shit. It's some...
K. MICHELLE carolannpeacock.com - Kiss my Ass
What friend gonna do? reason you recognize who you are. And all you've placed me through. Raise her glass, ns ain't also mad. You have the right to just kiss my ass. Baby you can...
MYSTIKAL carolannpeacock.com - shower Ya Ass
... Mmm Oooh-OOOH! shake ya ass, but watch yourself Shake ya ass, present me what girlfriend wor. ... Y'all niggas can't fuck v me (watch yourself) now this ain't because that no ... Carry out yo' thang not be scared, cause you gon' get served. You get mine then...
T-PAIN text - Booty butt Ass
carolannpeacock.com come "Booty butt Ass" track by T-PAIN: She acquired a booty v a engine in it, watch at just how she wind the Shaking, ... Thanksgiving, look at all the turkey dinner ... Ns guarantee the you ain't seen an ass quite choose this ... What room we gonna execute to resolve this
EMPIRE actors carolannpeacock.com - All
Nite (Yo Gotti Remix)I'mma do this run on you all night. Every night, all night Shawty got that ass, yeah, hella fat yeah. I'mma throw a stack, yeah, on her back, yeah. She gon'...
BEYONCE KNOWLES carolannpeacock.com - Drunk In Love (Remix)You will never ever need another lover ... Ns don't know the method you do it, however you execute it to me despite ... Yet far together handlin' all that ass, i think girlfriend gon' require some help
EMPIRE cast carolannpeacock.com - All
Nitecarolannpeacock.com come "All Nite" tune by empire CAST: Bounce that ass let me view you relocate ... I'mma perform this dance on you all night ... She gon' perform a dance on me every night
WAKA FLOCKA FLAME text - No HandsImma sip moscato and also you gon' shed them pants. And also Imma throw this money ... All i wanna carry out is sit earlier and clock you move and I'll proceed to throw this cash All the ass in those jeans have the right to wale beat. Have the right to Roscoe speak. Lengthy hair...
ERIC BELLINGER carolannpeacock.com - Or Nahcarolannpeacock.com to "Or Nah" track by ERIC BELLINGER: can I provide you the freak shit? No weak shit. ... i can give you anything friend want, every you gotta perform is say ok. ... Ns wanna make your legs shake, you unable to do let me taste or nah? Actin like you ... 36 chambers and angles, I give thanks to you because that all that ass your mamma provided you
HUSTLE corridor carolannpeacock.com - What girlfriend Gon
' Do Bout It(Whatchu gon' carry out bout it) clues a pussy nigga ns don't like. Walk increase on his ass take it flight. All my nigga gon' fight. Organic when we watch you on sight. Inspect it
B.G. Text - Work dat Ass
carolannpeacock.com come "Work dat Ass" track by B.G.: Unh yeah Waaaaaaaaaaannnhh (Come on) Yaaaaaaay (oh) It's ... We gon do these hoes break a sweat with this one here, ya understand what I'm ... Girl you understand all the thangs I have the right to do that ass (Yaaaaay)
THE video game carolannpeacock.com - ChurchYou don't bounce the ass like, "Oh Lord!" ... One night with a arbitrarily bitch, and she'll burn your ass like a rug ... Damn, what she gonna carry out with all the ass?
2PAC text - Fake Ass
Bitchescarolannpeacock.com come "Fake Ass Bitches" song by 2PAC: tell me around these fake ass ... Think you all that simply 'cause she allow a nigga toss she ... Yet we gonna do this shit
WAX carolannpeacock.com - ContinueBut all that I can do is proceed ... And also hopefully girlfriend dumb ass'll learn somethin ... I mean what the fuck rather you gonna perform that's what life is. All about
KRIZZ KALIKO carolannpeacock.com - All
Gas No BrakesAin't us sick boy? every gas No brakes every ass Gon shake us gon do it, carry out it we gon do it. ... Told her I obtained a remote boat and also you have the right to know wherein I'll stay. I was until...
TY DOLLA sign carolannpeacock.com - Or NahAll these tattoos in mine skin they revolve you on ... Gotta lotta ass girlfriend gonna shake that point or nah? ... Girlfriend gon' do them egg cheesy with them grits or nah?
BIG SEAN carolannpeacock.com - run (A$$)carolannpeacock.com come "Dance (A$$)" track by huge SEAN: Ass Stop... Currently make that ... Tippy tow tippy tay friend gonna gain a tip today ... I'm looking all great I'm making her wet
TREY SONGZ carolannpeacock.com - Look in ~ Y'all
(Lookin' Ass Nigga Remix)carolannpeacock.com to "Look in ~ Y'all (Lookin' Ass Nigga Remix)" song by TREY SONGZ: lug that mic You view I'm bout to speak a little crazy Make sure it's no children around, no old fol... ... Recognize my real niggas gon' choose this shit. They gon' love this shit, they...
TOO $HORT text - F.U.C.K.Y.O.U.carolannpeacock.com to "F.U.C.K.Y.O.U." tune by as well $HORT: (Fuck you) Nigga fuck you as well (Fuck you) Nigga crap you too ... You finna get yo' ass whooped bitch ... Nigga fuck the shit nigga what girlfriend wanna do? ... Nigga one of y'all niggaz gon' die tonight
PROJECT PAT text - Ooh Nuthin'carolannpeacock.com come "Ooh Nuthin'" song by job PAT: Whacha doin girl wit all dat (ooh nuttin) What's all the ... You can contact me yellow mouth, that's what ns said. Hey baby you gon eat her CORNBREAD! ... Gripp on her ass cause this lads got a large butt
Eightball & MJG - What girlfriend Gonna Do
text How girlfriend wanna perform it, we deserve to just gain to the (Watchu wanna do, exactly how you wanna execute it?) (Pussy ass nigga, we deserve to just get to it). <8 Ball> boys ask me every the time
ICE CUBE text - You deserve to Do
Itcarolannpeacock.com to "You can Do It" song by ice CUBE: Yeah, yeah gain your ass up and ... I'm gon' carry out it, gon' perform it ... You unaware that this young nigga gaining all the fly shit
CHANCE THE RAPPER text - grown Ass
KidYou just a grown ass kid, that the fuck do you think friend is? The sunlight is only half way lit, you ... You just a get an impressive ass boy, obtain up the end of below with all the noise. You ain't ever gonna find your joy with yourself exhilaration tough. You just a get an impression ass kid,...
TOO $HORT carolannpeacock.com - Shake the MonkeyShake the shit it spins you i do not know no mo' Twirk the monkey allow me ... Dance and make all the niggas look at that shit. Like ya strip at a ... I won't fee you as long as girlfriend bounce dat ass Bitch. ... 454 on documents ass. Ya never gonna success that race
BIG SEAN carolannpeacock.com - run (A$$) Remix... Ass. Stop... Now make that motherfucker hammer time prefer ... Tippy tow tippy tay you gonna gain a pointer today ... Ass so fat, all these bitches' pussies is throbbin'
CANDLEBOX carolannpeacock.com - RainWhere girlfriend gonna ho' her ass out anywhere town. Baby, where you gonna go. That you gonna see. What you gonna execute with her time. I stated what girlfriend gonna do
PTAF carolannpeacock.com - boss Ass
BitchI'm a ceo ass bitch ns don't provide a fuck around your ratchet ass lames. You have the right to suck a dick, I'm all about fame. Fuck a nigga, posesthe a bitch, straight...

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GETO guys carolannpeacock.com - damn It Feels an excellent To be A GangstaShowing every his boys just how he shoot em ... Is when the fire dies down what the fuck girlfriend gonna perform ... Now gangsta-ass niggas come in every shapes and colors
DMX text - Party UpWHOO! Y'all gon' make me shed my mind up in HERE, increase in here Y'all gon' do me go... ... And also all them other cats you operation with, acquire done with, dumb quick. Exactly how the ... "I'm exhausted of weak ass niggaz whinin end pussy that don't belong come them,
WEBBIE text - just how U Ridin'Young Savage girlfriend can record me (catch me) new kicks, new bows, and also a fresh tee (fresh... ... Us two vital ass hoes yea that's me (that's me) Look at him his eye closed the ain't even sleep. Say Boosie cool wit all the swervin' too much dope in here. Nigga slow-moving down ... Girlfriend gon' allow that tech pop out if that mess pop out
OBIE TRICE text - us All
die One Daycarolannpeacock.com to "We All die One Day" track by OBIE TRICE: Niggas understand what I'm ... A real nigga is gonna do whatever he has to ... Let part queer ass funny spring nigga acquire the upper hand ... You deserve to do every them push ups to pump up your chest
WEBBIE carolannpeacock.com - What's Happenin'Niqqas wit all file whisperinq and shyt niqqa what's happenin niq... ... Hollering bout y'all gne blue me and do me up once y'all see me. Girlfriend bout it bout that come view me ns ... From Boosie earlier to Lil Phat us gone stomp girlfriend out choose a doormat. Just brought ... (ol' bitch ass niqqa, pussy ass niqqa, fake ass iqqa, clown ass niqqa)
EMINEM carolannpeacock.com - tho Don't give a FuckBut the remainder of friend assholes can KISS mine ASS For all the drugs that I've done - yo I'm tho gon' do. To every the human being I've offended - yes fuck you too!
JARREN BENTON carolannpeacock.com - Turbo OzoneHehe, is the what their teaching you in house ec when we're in shop? ... You gonna make a nigga have actually a heart attack. Walkin' around here with all that ass
TOO $HORT text - get Ya Moneycarolannpeacock.com come "Get Ya Money" tune by as well $HORT: girlfriend gon' be a star baby, no doubt about it castle love girlfriend - hear ... And all she wanna execute is just, shake part ass
What you Gonna Do
carolannpeacock.com - Lil Jon & The eastern Side Boyzall that shittin in the mouth gone obtain ya fucked increase you obtained game in the society wit yo mutherfuckin click us dont provide a fuck hoe! y'all pussy ass bitches (x2) It's some...


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