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Where them people be via you, however they really don"t love you I"m addicted to sidewalks, I"m workin", no time off Gotta gain that time shed I"ma ask them niggas, tell me what your life prefer Tell me what your life like, nigga tell me what your life choose Tell me what your life like, nigga tell me what your life favor You can not turn up on them social sites, thinkin" it"s gon" be albest Beef at 6, he tright here by 6 o"clock, on the dot that night Ain"t straightforward wright here I"m at, why? Stick up guy, he love that shit Go to jail, she fuck your man, you write and speak to, do not love that bitch I ride through also a lot auto-tune, I heard that shit prior to This my life, I run my life, your life, I watched that shit before My mixtape drop, I crash the website, do not be lurkin" after night Shooters hungry and also these snakes is bologna, that"s their appetite Welinvolved these city roads No gang related vehicle crash, and he still will not get no money from these city roads My crazy life, no YG Ask the Lord, why me?


Lil Durk"s dehowever album, Remember My Name, is on the means, and the Chicago MC has let go of an additional song from the task.When you pre-order the album you can downfill "What Your Life Like," a.

What Your Life Like Lil Durk Downpack Torrent


Lil Durk Album Download

What Your Life Like Lil Durk Download Video

About Lil Durk Durk D. Banks, aka Lil Durk, is a rapper and singer from the Englelumber area of Chicago, Illinois" South Side.

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He began issuing mixtapes with OTF (Only the Family) in August 2011 with I"m a Hitta and also easily adhered to it with I"m Still a Hitta (April 2012) and Life Ain"t No Joke (October 2012), the latter of which came out just after the commonly melodic and also kicked-back "L"s Anthem," his debut single for Def Jam. The exact same year, he was featured on a string of tracks through fellow Chicago natives and also cshed associates choose Lil Reese, Frecarry out Santana, and also Chief Keef.