What You Wont Do For Love Chords#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE--------------------------------##This file is the author"s very own work-related and also represents their interpretation of the##song. You might only use this file for personal examine, scholarship, or research.##-----------------------------------------------------------------------------# "What You Won"t Do For Love" (R. Caldwell - A. Kettner)Keyboard and also guitar fingerings for intro chords:G13G F E G B x05679 (approximate)A13-9G F G# B E x05322G13(9) F D# A D G 3x3455Intro:G13 A13-9 Cmaj7 C#7#9 Em7 G13 A13-9 / / / / / / / / / /Cmaj7 G13(9) Em7 A7 / / / / / / / /Verse 1:Cmaj7 C#7#9 Em9 A13I guess you wonder wright here I"ve beenCmaj7 C#7#9 Em7 A7I searched to find the love withinCmaj7 C#7#9 Em9 A13I came ago to let you know Cmaj7 C#7#9 Em7 A7Got Gm thing for you and also I can"t let it goVerse 2:My friends wonder what is wrong via meWell, I"m in Gm daze from your love, you seeI came ago to let you understand Cmaj7 C#7#9 Em7 G13 A13-9Got Gm point for you and I can"t let it goChorus 1:Cmaj7 C#7#9 Em7 G13 A13-9Some people go roughly the civilization for love Cmaj7 F13 Em9 A13 And they might never uncover what they dream ofVerse 3:What you won"t do you do for loveYou tried every little thing but you do not provide upIn my people just youMake me perform for love what I would not doChorus 2:You know I only want the finest, it"s trueI can"t believe the things I carry out for youCoda: Cmaj7 C#7#9 Em7 A7Make me carry out for love what I would certainly not perform <3X>(Instrupsychological to fade:)Cmaj7 C#7#9 Em7 A7 / / / / / / / /-- an additional ace 70"s tab from Andrew Rogers

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What You Wont Do For Love tabs
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