Phoenix Credits can be obtained several various ways, and also we"ve already covered that in our overview on exactly how to get much more Phoenix Credits. But the journey doesn"t stop there. Once you"ve made yourself a fair little of cash from perfect your everyday missions and other assorted quests, it"s time to head back to the basic of Operations and also spend all those pretty and shiny Phoenix Credits on luxury gear. This overview will teach you where to discover the vendor, as well as what item he supplies for your stash.

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Special equipment Vendor

First head ago to the base of Operations and make your method inside. When you"re inside you"ll want to do your way through the doorway straight in prior of the base"s entrance. Now head increase the stairs and into the technology Wing, which simply so happens to it is in the only ar left because that our brand-new Special Gear merchant to set up shop. Currently that you"ve got some Phoenix Credits girlfriend should be able to spot him just to the right of the Recalibration area, i m sorry is on the left next of the room just in front of whereby Rhodes has collection up shop.Interact v the one-of-a-kind Gear seller to discover yourself looking at a shiny menu of High-End and also Superior gear. That course, you"re walk to require a many Phoenix Credits if you desire to buy every his stuff.


What"s the Selling?

The distinct Gear merchant is most well-known for the high-end weapons and also gear that players deserve to purchase from him. However, a most you can have overlooked the reality that a great deal of what this new seller sales is actually high-end blueprints, an interpretation you"ll be able to craft castle yourselves. The blueprints don"t cost practically as much as the full-blown weapons, and also they market a opportunity at more unique Talents and Stats than purchasing the weapon fully does. Either means you decision to execute things, the unique Gear merchant will many likely have some shiny new toys that you"ll want to check out as soon as girlfriend can.

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