Broadheads space used mainly for hunting big game. Picking the ideal arrow and also broadhead combination for your bow and the game being pursued is critical for the most penetration possible. There space three an easy types the broadheads: addressed blades, removable blades, and also mechanical (expandable) blades. Every broadheads, nevertheless of type, have to be sharp, durable, and also matched to your equipment and also the size of video game being hunted. Knives must it is in sharpened after each practice and prior to going into the ar to hunt. A “cut-on-contact” broadhead (such as those displayed in the an initial and third illustrations ~ above the complying with page) may be offered for every bows yet is encourage for reduced poundage bows come maximize penetration.

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Use a Broadhead Wrench

Use a distinct wrench come screw top top broadheads. This machine covers the knives while a broadhead is gift tightened on one arrow. If a wrench isn’t used, the little slip can cause a serious cut.


Test Broadhead Sharpness

To test the sharpness that a broadhead, happen it with rubber bands stretched throughout a tiny opening. If the bands are cut easily, her broadhead is sharp and also ready for the hunt.



Consult arrow shaft manufacturers and also broadhead manufacturers for recommended arrowhead grain weight charts and shaft selection charts for specific equipment gift used and also the game hunted.

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