The next part of the Many Wanted mission takes place back at Pinkney Orphanage aacquire. Go into the door and move with the location until you find yourself in a locked room and are offered a riddle to settle.

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“What type of question can only be asked upon reflection?”

If you look at the locked gate you must notice that tbelow are three ‘?’ indicators on it. On the floor in front of the gate is a circular puzzle comprised of three ring segments and an outer ring which acts prefer a mirror. The 3 ‘?’ signs are connected via the 3 rings of the puzzle.

To solve the riddle, you’ll want to hit each of the three ‘?’ indications with Batarang s till the pattern on the rings on the floor line up in the form of a question note via the top of the symbol facing the door. Now you just have to discover a area wright here the spotlight above the door shows up in the mirrored floor in the location of the dot at the bottom of the question mark symbol and sdeserve to the completed ‘?’.


Use the question marks to align the floor (left). Continue with the lit up door to begin the next obstacle (right).

This will open the door. Cruise on with.

Here you’ll be rejoined through Catwomale and you’ll be tasked with trying out the now lit up green door.

In the next room you’ll view a collection of bars up the centre separating a pair of push plates on the floor. Have Batmale stand on the blue push plate and Catwoman stand on the red press plate. This will certainly lock the rooms off from one one more.

From either pressure plate look to the splitting wall in the centre of the room. Here you’ll see a team of five question marks (lets count them 1-5 from left to right). Above these, you will certainly additionally check out a screen that will certainly relay a series of numbers – these are regarded the order in which we have to hit the question marks (Batguy via Batarangs, Catwomale through the Whip). The catch below is that the numbers in one character’s room are for the pattern that the various other character should follow.


Hit the ‘?’ buttons in order (left) and then fight the Riddler Robots that appear (right).

Catwomale 1, 3, 5, 2, 4.Batguy 3, 1, 4, 5, 2.

As shortly as both characters have completed their side of the puzzle, the walls will drop down and also you’ll be inserted into a dual-combat case against 10 Riddler Bots.

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Following the fight, you’ll be able to approach the adjacent pedestal for the second essential.