Calculate the absolute press, P1, of the manometer shown in Fig. P1 - 78 in kPa. The local atmospheric press is 758 mmHg.

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(a) Calculate the absolute pressure at an ocean depth of 1 000 m. Assume the thickness of seawater...... ... kg/m3 and also that the air over exerts a pressure of 101.3 kPa. (b) At this depth, what force must the framework about a circular submarine porthole having actually a diameter of 30.0 cm exert to... View Answer
A mercury manometer (r = 13,600 kg/m3) is linked to an air duct to measure the pressure inside....... ... in the manometer levels is 15 mm, and also the atmospheric pressure is 100 kPa. (a) Judging from Fig.

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P1–62, identify if the pressure in the duct is above or listed below the atmospheric press.... View Answer
On January 1, 2013, Polaris obtained all the share resources of Gordon for U.S. $249,800. Polaris...... ... 1, 2013 ....C$0.989Median 2013 ....C$0.925December 31, 2013 ..C$01.01RequiredPrepare the acquisition analysis and also calculate the fair value adjustments for the preparation of consolidated... View Answer
Find the selection and also the interquartile array of the adhering to sets of data. a. 5, 8, 13, 17, 22, 25, 30 b. 7, 13, 21, 2, 37, 28, 17, 11, 2 c. 42, 47, 39, 51, 73, 18, 83, 29, 41, 64 d. 113, 97, 36, 81, 49, 41, 20, 66, 28, 32, 17, 107 e. 4.6, 0, –2.6, 0.8, –1.9, –3.3, 5.2, –3.2 View Answer
Corazon Manufacturing Company type of has a purchasing department staffed by five purchasing agents. Each...... ... capacity provided and unoffered capacity.5. What if one of the purchasing agents agreed to work-related half time for $14,000? How many type of purchase orders can be processed by 4 and a fifty percent purchasing... View Answer
A computer mechanism has a main memory of 32KB. It additionally has a 4KB cache divided into...... ... be resolved by stalling the pipeline as compelled. Assume that a multi-port RAM is used via the CPU running at 1GHz. Calculate the execution time and also compare time that would certainly have actually forced in a... View Answer
Consider the manometer in Fig. P1-78. If the specific weight of fluid A is 100 kN/m3, what is the absolute pressure, in kPa, suggested by the manometer when the local atmospheric pressure is 90 kPa? View Answer