Oh, the Snapchat drama! When MTV first premiered the present 16 and also Pregnant in 2008, they didn't understand what a juggernaut it would certainly come to be. The original truth TV series, which spotlighted teenage girls taking care of unplanned pregnancies, has considering that introduced 2 spin-off mirrors Teen Mom (now well-known as Teen Mom OG) and Teen Mom 2. Many importantly, the reflects made celebrities out its leads such as Jenelle Evans, Catelynn Lowell, Amber Portwood and Farrah Abraham, and also normally, Snapchat is just one of the methods they love to express themselves.

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They frequently Snapchat their flourishing households with cute vids of the son, puppy-dog earred or flower-wreathed photos and also the ever-renowned challenge swapping. They additionally show off their new hair styles or rock some deadass sexy poses. And yes, they spill some tea eextremely as soon as in awhile, responding to whatever backlash is aimed at them or commenting on a feud they can be involved in at any given time. In other words, a typical Friday.

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With brand-new enhancements prefer Briana DeJesus and Kailyn Lowry, the Snap-chatter is just acquiring better—right here are all the Teen Mom Snapchat usernames so you can check them out on a continual basis!

1. Catelynn Lowell Baltierra

Snapchat Username: catelowell71506

Why follow? Even as she proceeds to struggle via depression, letting fans recognize she is seeking assist for it, Teen Mom OG star Catelynn Lowell still loves sharing photos and vids of her life through her supportive husband also Tyler Baltierra (Snapchat username: tyler.baltierra) and her ridiculously adorable daughter, Novalee (who looks just choose her mom).

Here's a snippet: Did we mention just how freaking cute Novalee is? OMG, this bit one already has actually personality to spare... take a look!

2. Maci Bookout McKinney

Snapchat Username: unknown

Why follow? While Maci Bookout is absolutely on Snapchat, judging from her Instagram pics with all those fun filters, as of now, the Teen Mom OG's Snapchat name has continued to be private. Ah well, perhaps she'll let fans recognize at some allude because you can bet she's snapping ameans via her cute children, child Bentley (via ex high institution boyfriend Ryan Edwards), daughter Jayde and also kid Maverick (her 2 children through husband Taylor McKinney).

Here's a snippet: As discussed, Snapchat filters are Maci's hobby, and also she likes to post pics using them, specifically through one of her besties, Catelynn Lowell.

3. Jenelle Evans

Snapchat Username: pbandjenelley_1

Why follow? As one of the Teen Mom 2 stars, Evans has had a pretty rough life, taking care of a heroin addiction, drug arrests and public feuds via her mom. Now she's happily married to David Eason, is structure her dream residence and is a doting mother to 3 (sons Jace and Kaiser and daughter Ensley)—every one of who are featured prominently on her Snapchat.

Here's a snippet: This Snapchat vid compilation reflects a arsenal of Jenelle's life, from her kids to her dogs to her cosmetics line.

4. Chelsea Houska

Snapchat Username: chelshouska

Why follow? Teen Mom 2 mama Chelsea Houska is living a pretty lit life with handsome husband Cole DeBoer. She's gained her sweet daughter Aubree (whose father is Adam from the teen years), and also Chelsea and also Cole's young kid, Watkid. Expect lots of Chelsea and Cole's sexy chemistry and face swapping between Cole and also Aubree.

Here's a snippet: Oh yeah, and you gotta follow Chelsea for the peeks at her pet pig, Petey. Come on, he's a pig!

5. Farrah Abraham

Snapchat Username: farrahabraham1

Why follow? Definitely among the more controversial of the Teen Mom OGs, you never before recognize precisely what you're going to get as soon as you snap together with Farrah Abraham. She short articles many type of sexy pics of herself, while also mirroring sweet videos with her daughter, Sophia. Farrah likes to press the envelope and save her fans on the edge of their seats, prefer as soon as she Snapchatted while at the OBGYN office, gaining her IUD replaced. TMI, much?

Here's a snippet: That time Farrah acquired a miniature pony named Starburst for her daughter's birthday. Yeah, that occurred.

6. Leah Messer

Snapchat Username: leahdawn0913 

Why follow? The West Virginia country girl of Teen Mom 2 fame has actually had her fair share of ups and downs because having actually twin girls as a teenager, specifically after her daughter, Aliannah, was diagnosed through a rare create of muscular dystrophy. But that hasn't stopped the currently mother of 3 from posting all kinds of crazy cute pics of her daughters, including Ali's twin sister Aleeah and their baby sister, Adalynn, Leah Messer's boy through second ex-husband Jeremy Calvert.

Here's a snippet: Along via behind-the-scenes of TM2, Leah likewise breaks points choose her agreeing to a date! Watch it below...

7. Kailyn Lowry

Snapchat Username: kaillowry

Why follow? Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry has a pretty chill life, if we're being honest, and she'll short article it all on Snapchat for fans to view. From her workouts, to acquiring Starbucks, to BTS of her podactors with Lindsie Chrisley of USA Network's Chrisley Knows Best. Then, of course, tbelow are her 3 boys: Isaac (through her initially baby daddy, Jo); Lincoln (with her ex-husband also Javi Marroquin); and also child Lux (father is ex-boyfriend Chris Lopez) and all their shenanigans.

Here's a snippet: Speaking of her children, here's the most adorable Snap-vid of Kailyn providing her two older boys a trampoline—and then complies with that through shot of her priceless puppy dog, Penny.

8. Amber Portwood

Snapchat Username: realaportwood

Why follow? Teen Mom OG staple Amber Portwood is one more fiery former pregnant teenager simply as well colorful not follow. Her run-ins via exes, and also the law (she also went to prichild for over a year for drug possession), pepper her personality—and also she's not afrassist to speak her mind. She'll article breaks of her cute-as-a-button daughter Leah and her Forever Haute makeup line, but Amber will certainly never be dubbed boring. She might take hiatuses from posting on social media to get “tranquility,” however no doubt she'll be ago snapping in no time.

Here's a snippet: Amber loves dem filters—and looks forward to doing all kinds of crazy stuff via Leah.

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9. Briana DeJesus

Snapchat Username: brianadejesus

Why follow? Joining the Teen Mom 2 actors last July, Briana DeJesus has actually 2 gorgeous daughters to display off on Snapchat—Nova Star (whose baby daddy is Devoin Austin II) and Stella (her kid via Luis Hernández)—in addition to her crazy lovelife. Briana stepped in it a tiny when she started dating Kailyn Lowry's ex, Javi Marroquin (Snapchat username: Javim9), however things are constantly ever before altering via her, so you best save up!

Here's a snippet: Alengthy with kiddlings, Briana likes to snap a myriad of sulattempt poses utilizing puppy dog-eared filters and obtaining her hair done through a wreath of flowers.