Several ES record Manager users discovered a folder named .estrongs in their paper manager and also they are wondering what this folder is. Smartphones document manager includes all the folders and files that your call is utilizing for some application or system use. Every folder is because that some particular use in your phone. ES paper Manager is a third-party application that can be used rather of the default record manager. In this article, we will discuss what the .estrongs folder is and if that is safe to delete or not.

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.strongs folder in the paper manager

What is .estrongs Folder?

When you download the ES document Manager on your Android phone, friend will obtain a few folders with it and also .estrongs is just one of them. This folder is supplied to conserve the recycle bin records on your phone that room deleted through this paper Manager. File manager won’t save any type of files in this folder uneven the recycle bin alternative is selected in the settings. This folder is marked as a surprise file/folder in her phone file manager. Show hidden folders will disclose the .estrongs folder in your document manager. The size may vary depending upon your turned off data v ES document Manager.

In this folder, girlfriend will discover a couple of database documents with some folders. In subfolders, you will be able to find a folder named recycle, which will certainly contain every those files that friend deleted v ES paper Manager. Each record will it is in in a various folder because of the path of the initial file. The recycled files will not display in your library since this folder contains the .nomedia record to hide it from phone call library.

Recycle bin option in ES paper Manager Settings

You can also find the recycled files in the Recycle Bin of ES record Manager. This is the attribute of ES file Manager, where you can restore the papers to the original location.

ES file Manager recycle bin

Is it safe to Delete .estrongs Folder?

.estrongs folder consists of all the turned off phone data that you deleted through ES file Manager. If the user gets rid of the data through mistake, this function can help to recuperate it back. However, if a user go not desire this data on your phone ~ deleting then they can remove that from folder too.

Therefore, if we want a critical conclusion around the safety, climate Yes, it is for sure to delete the .estrongs Folder from their phone. The turned off data can stack up in this folder and also the dimension will increase and also consume much phone memory. Deleting this will totally free much space for the phone. You can also review the data prior to deleting this folder completely because after ~ this the data will certainly be hard to recuperate from the recycle bin feature of ES file Manager.

through Kevin ArrowsAugust 22, 2020
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What is ‘.estrongs’ Folder and is it safe to Delete it?

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