1. What is an outcome of connecting two or even more switches together?

The number of broadactors domain names is raised.

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The size of the broadactors domain is enhanced.*

The number of collision domains is diminished.

The dimension of the collision domajor is boosted.

Explanation:When 2 or more switches are associated together, the dimension of the broadactors domain is raised and also so is the variety of collision domains. The number of broadactors domains is increased only when routers are added.

2. Refer to the exhilittle bit.

CCNA 1 v6.0 ITN Chapter 8 Exam q2

How many type of broadcast domain names are there?





Explanation:A rexternal is used to path web traffic in between different networks. Broadcast website traffic is not permitted to cross the rexternal and therefore will certainly be contained within the respective subnets wright here it originated.

3. What are 2 reasons a network-related administrator can want to create subnets? (Choose 2.)

simplifies network design

boosts netoccupational performance*

easier to implement protection policies*

reduction in variety of routers needed

reduction in number of switches needed

Explanation:Two reasons for creating subnets encompass reduction of all at once netjob-related website traffic and also development of netoccupational performance. Subnets additionally permit an administrator to implement subnet-based protection policies. The number of routers or switches is not influenced. Subnets perform not simplify network-related architecture.

4. Refer to the exhibit.

CCNA 1 v6.0 ITN Chapter 8 Exam q4

A agency offers the deal with block of for its network. What subnet mask would administer the maximum number of equal size subnets while providing enough hold addresses for each subnet in the exhibit?*

Explanation:The largest subnet in the topology has actually 100 hosts in it so the subnet mask should have at least 7 organize bits in it (27-2=126). has actually 8 hosts bits, but this does not fulfill the requirement of giving the maximum number of subnets.

5. Refer to the exhilittle bit.

CCNA 1 v6.0 ITN Chapter 8 Exam Answers q5

The netoccupational administrator has assigned the LAN of LBMISS an resolve selection of This resolve array has been subnetted utilizing a /29 presolve. In order to accommoday a brand-new building, the technician has decided to usage the fifth subnet for configuring the brand-new network-related (subnet zero is the initially subnet). By firm policies, the rexternal interchallenge is always assigned the first usable organize resolve and the workgroup server is offered the last usable hold attend to. Which configuration need to be entered right into the properties of the workgroup server to allow connectivity to the Internet?

IP address: subnet mask:, default gateway:

IP address: subnet mask:, default gateway:

IP address: subnet mask:, default gateway:*

IP address: subnet mask:, default gateway:

IP address: subnet mask:, default gateway:

Explanation:Using a /29 predeal with to subnet outcomes in subnets that increment by 8: (1) (2) (3) (4) (5)

6. If a network-related device has actually a mask of /28, how many IP addresses are accessible for hosts on this network?







Explanation:A /28 mask is the same as This leaves 4 host bits. With 4 host bits, 16 IP addresses are possible, however one address represents the subnet number and one attend to represents the broadactors deal with. 14 addresses deserve to then be used to assign to netoccupational devices.

7. Which subnet mask would be provided if 5 host bits are available?*

Explanation:The subnet mask of has 8 host bits. The mask of outcomes in 7 hold bits. The mask of has actually 5 organize bits. Finally, represents 4 host bits.

8. How many host addresses are accessible on the network-related with a subnet mask of







Explanation:A mask of is equal to a presolve of /22. A /22 preresolve provides 22 bits for the network-related portion and leaves 10 bits for the host percent. The 10 bits in the hold percentage will certainly administer 1022 usable IP addresses (210 – 2 = 1022).

9. How many bits must be borrowed from the hold portion of an resolve to accommoday a rexternal via five linked networks?





Explanation:Each network-related that is straight linked to an interface on a router requires its own subnet. The formula 2n, wbelow n is the number of bits borrowed, is offered to calculate the available variety of subnets once borrowing a particular variety of bits.

10. A netjob-related administrator desires to have actually the same netjob-related mask for all networks at a certain little website. The site has actually the following netfunctions and also number of devices:IP phones – 22 addressesComputers – 20 addresses neededPrinters – 2 addresses neededScanners – 2 addresses needed

The netoccupational administrator has reputed that is to be the network-related used at this site. Which single subnet mask would certainly make the the majority of effective use of the easily accessible addresses to usage for the 4 subnetworks?*

Explanation:If the same mask is to be offered, then the network-related via the most hosts should be examined for the variety of hosts, which in this situation is 22 hosts. Therefore, 5 organize bits are necessary. The /27 or subnet mask would be appropriate to usage for these networks.

11. A firm has a netjob-related address of through a subnet mask of The agency desires to create 2 subnetfunctions that would contain 10 hosts and also 18 hosts respectively. Which two netfunctions would achieve that? (Choose 2.)**

Explanation:Subnet /27 has actually 5 bits that are allocated for organize addresses and therefore will certainly have the ability to support 32 addresses, however just 30 valid organize IP addresses. Subnet has 4 bits for hold addresses and also will be able to assistance 16 addresses, yet only 14 valid host IP addresses.

12. A netjob-related administrator is variably subnetting a netjob-related. The smallest subnet has actually a mask of How many usable hold addresses will certainly this subnet provide?






Explanation:The mask is tantamount to the /29 presettle. This leaves 3 bits for hosts, giving a complete of 6 usable IP addresses (23 = 8 – 2 = 6).

13. Refer to the exhibit.

CCNA 1 v6.0 ITN Chapter 8 Exam Answers q13

Given the network address of and a subnet mask of, how many kind of full hold addresses are unused in the assigned subnets?






Explanation:The netoccupational IP address via a subnet mask of provides 30 usable IP addresses for each subnet. Subnet A needs 30 hold addresses. There are no addresses wasted. Subnet B offers 2 of the 30 obtainable IP addresses, bereason it is a serial attach. Consequently, it wastes 28 addresses. Likewise, subnet C wastes 28 addresses. Subnet D demands 14 addresses, so it wastes 16 addresses. The total wasted addresses are 0+28+28+16=72 addresses.

14. Refer to the exhilittle bit.

CCNA 1 v6.0 ITN Chapter 8 Exam Answers q14

Considering the addresses already provided and also having to remain within the network variety, which subnet attend to might be assigned to the netjob-related containing 25 hosts?*

Explanation:Addresses with are taken for the leftthe majority of network. Addresses through are used by the facility netjob-related.The address space from 208-255 assumes a /28 mask, which does not enable sufficient organize bits to accommodate 25 host addresses.The resolve arrays that are easily accessible encompass and10.16.10.128/26. To accommoday 25 hosts, 5 hold bits are required, so a /27 mask is essential. Four feasible /27 subnets could be created from the easily accessible addresses between and also

15. A netoccupational administrator requirements to monitor network website traffic to and from servers in a data facility. Which functions of an IP addressing plan need to be applied to these devices?

random static addresses to enhance security

addresses from different subnets for redundancy

predictable static IP addresses for simpler identification*

dynamic addresses to mitigate the probcapability of duplicate addresses

Explanation:When monitoring servers, a network administrator requirements to have the ability to quickly identify them. Using a predictable static addressing plan for these tools provides them much easier to determine. Server protection, redundancy, and also duplication of addresses are not functions of an IP addressing system.

16. Which 2 factors mostly make DHCP the preferred strategy of assigning IP addresses to hosts on large networks? (Choose two.)

It eliminates the majority of address configuration errors.*

It ensures that addresses are only used to tools that need a permanent resolve.

It promises that eextremely device that requirements an attend to will get one.

It offers an deal with just to gadgets that are authorized to be connected to the netjob-related.

It reduces the burden on network assistance staff.*

Explanation:DHCP is generally the wanted strategy of assigning IP addresses to hosts on huge networks because it reduces the burden on netoccupational support staff and basically eliminates enattempt errors. However, DHCP itself does not discriminate between authorized and unauthorized gadgets and also will certainly asauthorize configuration parameters to all requesting gadgets. DHCP servers are commonly configured to asauthorize addresses from a subnet array, so tright here is no guarantee that eexceptionally device that requirements an address will certainly obtain one.

17. A DHCP server is used to assign IP addresses dynamically to the hosts on a netoccupational. The resolve pool is configured through There are 3 printers on this netjob-related that must use reserved static IP addresses from the pool. How many kind of IP addresses in the pool are left to be assigned to various other hosts?





Explanation:If the block of addresses allocated to the pool is, tright here are 254 IP addresses to be assigned to hosts on the network-related. As there are 3 printers which have to have their addresses assigned statically, then tbelow are 251 IP addresses left for assignment.

18. Refer to the exhilittle bit.

CCNA 1 v6.0 ITN Chapter 8 Exam Answers q18

A firm is deploying an IPv6 addressing system for its network-related. The firm style record indicates that the subnet percent of the IPv6 addresses is offered for the new ordered network design, through the website subsection to recurrent multiple geographical sites of the agency, the sub-site section to reexisting multiple campsupplies at each website, and the subnet section to indicate each netoccupational segment separated by routers. With such a system, what is the maximum number of subnets completed per sub-site?





Explanation:Due to the fact that only one hexadecimal character is used to recurrent the subnet, that one character can reexisting 16 different values 0 with F.

19. What is the presolve for the organize address 2001:DB8:BC15:A:12AB::1/64?





Explanation:The network percent, or predeal with, of an IPv6 resolve is determined with the presolve length. A /64 presettle length shows that the initially 64 bits of the IPv6 address is the netoccupational percentage. Hence the predeal with is 2001:DB8:BC15:A.

20. Consider the following variety of addresses:





The prefix-size for the range of addresses is /60

Explanation:All the addresses have the component 2001:0DB8:BC15:00A in common. Each number or letter in the deal with represents 4 bits, so the prefix-length is /60.

21. Match the subnetwork to a organize address that would be had within the subnetjob-related. (Not all alternatives are supplied.)

Place the choices in the following order.

— not scored — ->— not scored — -> ->
Explanation:Subnet will have actually a valid host array from – through the broadcast resolve as will have a valid host array from – with the broadactors attend to as will have a valid hold variety from – via the broadactors resolve as

22. Refer to the exhilittle bit. Match the network through the correct IP deal with and also predeal with that will certainly meet the usable host addressing demands for each netjob-related. (Not all alternatives are offered.)

CCNA 1 v6.0 ITN Chapter 8 Exam Answers q22


Place the alternatives in the following order.

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— not scored — /27 -> Netjob-related C— not scored — /25 -> Network-related A192.168.0.224 /30 -> Netjob-related D192.168.0.128 /26 -> Netjob-related B

Explanation:Netoccupational A needs to use /25 which yields 128 host addresses.Netjob-related B needs to usage /26 which returns 64 organize addresses.Network-related C requirements to usage /27 which returns 32 hold addresses.Netoccupational D needs to use /30 which yields 4 hold addresses.