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A Sticky case through megamatt09 reviews
Everything"s favorite internet slinger encounters some of the many beautiful ladies in the Marvel Universe and beyond. Not an ideal for children.

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Crossing courses through levelxtremedude reviews
Mary Jane had actually left him, his Aunt may dead, the is now jobless with nothing more than extraterrestrial costume the was rejected by it"s ahead host, now an old connection is rekindled yet that is the the very least of his concerns now he has actually to address old adversaries that room threatening to take it over not only brand-new York but the world. It every in the days job-related for her friendly neighborhood Spider-Man!
Symbiosis through levelxtremedude reviews
Symbiosis is any form of a close and also long-term biological interaction between two different biological organisms, be it mutualistic, communalistic, or parasitic. What Venom want was mutual, therefore a small piece want to get ago to its former host. Currently Peter has to resolve the alien and also an old flame through a an enig that could potentially readjust his life.
Spider-Man - Rated: T - English - Adventure - Chapters: 3 - Words: 18,923 - Reviews: 13 - Favs: 22 - Follows: 25 - Updated: 9h - Published: 9/17 - Peter P./Spider-Man, Felicia H./Black Cat, Cindy M./Silk
Sequel come "Fallen Friend", several months ~ Harry Osborn disgraced himself, Peter and Felicia have actually now cleared up down and aim to bring on their hero life style. However new threats emerge and this time, also Peter my not have the ability to save himself down a shadowed path that could adjust him forever.
Spider-Man - Rated: T - English - Drama/Romance - Chapters: 4 - Words: 12,070 - Reviews: 17 - Favs: 23 - Follows: 32 - Updated: 9/15 - Published: 4/25 - Eddie B./Venom, Curt C./Lizard
This is a re-telling of how Peter Parker transforms right into Spider-Man. His battles with school, friends and also girls and several villains the just showed up in the city resulting in havoc. Peter do the efforts to find out what occurred to his parents together well. Peter need to juggle his an individual life with his super-hero life. Rated T for particular themes.
Peter thought life would ultimately be ago to "normal" for him. Too poor that he needs a new job and has to balance his hero and normal life especially with MJ and also Miles. Oh and also the strangest problem? That would certainly be handling the reality he had an extraterrestrial symbiote that decided he was perfect host and also would remain with him. Oh well, just an additional day in his life.
Their lives were never the exact same after the incident at the Clocktower. Together, they"ve uncovered comfort in each other"s hearts, and also their link remains solid despite the countless attempts come wipe everything they ever before had. A story of the most important stages in their life, native the moments of calamity and happiness, to the difficult moments that sadness and reflection.
After the loss of Knull, the Symbiotes space needing of a new King and also what better than everyone"s favorite Friendly ar Spider-Man. Watch as this hero encounters the death of his Aunt May, overcome worlds and also women, how he will remake the people into better, brighter, and, ironically, darker one. Evil the rise of Spider-Man, King the the Shadows, God that the Symbiotes.
oh, ns am peter parker? OK, Cool .That"s cool ns can attend to this. I will certainly be posting this on RoyalRoad.
Toxin, son of Carnage, grandchildren of Venom. Right now the symbiote for Eddie Brock, previous symbiote for Patrick Mulligan. But what if the chose another host? One who might teach him the with good power, comes an excellent responsibility?
A new enemy is top top the scene and calling Spiderman out. Once he captures up v them, a surprise old confront gets involved and also things get an ext than a little freaky. Rated M since oh my...
Spider-Man - Rated: M - English - romance - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,206 - Reviews: 1 - Favs: 10 - Follows: 8 - Published: 3/10 - Peter P./Spider-Man, Felicia H./Black Cat
Adopted indigenous OfficialUSMWriter for a story. An alternating ending the "Symbiote Saga component 3". The Carnage Queen awakens the evil inside Spider-Man! how will his team, family, and also friends cooperate once their leader is in trouble? I carry out not very own Ultimate Spider-Man, Marvel does.
Old man Parker"s obtained a young girl"s attention. Yet hey, at least she"s no his daughter. Technically. Smut. (Spider-Man: Reign) (Peter/Mayday)
Original Spider-Man story through everyone"s favourite characters!Peter is going v his change from female come male, when living through Aunt May. Down on money, MJ says asking your friend, bother Osborn, because that help, and Peter is quickly offered a job as one Oscorp investigative photographer! Things turn south quickly and Peter"s walking through more changes 보다 he yes, really wanted!
Beaten to close to death, and put right into a coma, Peter Benjamin Parker awakens 3 months later on with no recollection of what occurred prior or who he as soon as was. That doesn"t remind the spider bite that received during his middle school expedition just before summer break, his friends, family or even who he himself is. He should rediscover himself...or be shed to darkness come come.
What happens once Spiderman reconnects with Black cat ~ the 2 departed on bad terms? Takes ar after season 2 that the Spectacular Spider-man series AU. Peter/Felicia
Peter Parker A.K.A Spider-man drops into a vat of pink goo while trying to stop a robbery. To his surprise the pink goo is a powerful pheromone that can make any kind of woman he wants drawn to him. Just how will Peter attend to this? discover out here. Spider-manXHarem
The sequel of web of shortcut is released.Otherwise recognized as my Spectacular Spider-Man 3.Evrything was not bad for Peter Parker however that easy life will certainly be easily lessened as new Villains rise,new unanticipated comrades present up,romance problems and also a sarcasrtic alien Symbiote that lives permantetely resides inside Peter just an additional day of your Spectacular Spider-Man
After witnessing the death of his uncle and almost dying himself by the killer"s recklessness Peter Parker becomes blinded by revenge. Nothing renders his mental state worse however then the parasite that creates a attraction come him with a appetite because that blood, torture and torment.
After a fatal battle with The green Goblin, Peter Parker"s life transforms on that is head. Harem story, combined with remarkable Spider-Man, can be fried Marvel, and Spider-Man web warriors storyline.
Peter Parker has actually been Spiderman because that 6 months but after an unsual encounter with the environment-friendly Goblin, his life will certainly be forever changed. My normal blend that sexy oneshots blended with attempts at a cohesive story, we"ll see how we go.
Peter Parker is bored, he captures a kitty trying come steal some valuable jewels and also ends up chasing her when again. What will he do as soon as he finally captures her? Rated M because that Language, sex-related content and also adult themes. No FLAMING. Lemon. Spider-ManXBlack Cat. First time composing in years so it is in gentle with my grammar and also other mistakes. ENJOY!
In this story over there is the legend self Peter Parker walk up against all type of villains and also maybe also a few hero"s every the while keeping his identification a secret. OP Spider-Man
A new plan is concocted as mary Jane is taken over by a symbiote the desires the particle of anyone she can gain to produce a generate of an additional symbiote the may destroy the future. Meanwhile, in the future, one mrs superhero is all set to avoid Mary Jane before it is also late for her. Have the right to she conserve the future, or will certainly she fail. Check out on and also let me recognize if you preferred it in the reviews.
With an excellent power comes good responsibility. However what happens when the people thinks your dead? when the voice the whispers in your head gets the end of control. Peter desires revenge. Yet old friends and allies room in his way. That a great thing the people thinks he"s dead. The whole people can come to be the opponent when you shed what friend love. —Kristina McMorris
check in to view the summary. Ah, btw I already posted this story prior to but that wasn"t in chapters and not therefore edited, well I"m no that great in editing. Feel totally free to review
WARNING: spoilers FOR THE RETURN OF venom STORYLINE! What if things just went a little differently between Spider-Man and also the venom symbiote?
Devastated and also hurt, Peter isolates self from civilization including Tony. Aunt May"s death still tainted Peter. Yet a more sinister faces rises and also a soul of gloom and fear sweeps the city. Peter realizes that he would have actually to eventually to totally embrace his destiny. However is he as much as the task? Rated T for violence. Book six that seven
Spider-Man 3: unearthed is the retold story that what Spider-Man 3 should have been: less crowded and also with an ext character development. Collection in an alternate timeline, this variation of Spider-Man 3 incorporates several of the movie"s elements that actually operated with the film, however mostly consists of original fiction native myself. Gain the arising story!
During a course field trip, Peter Parker is bitten by a genetically changed spider, approving him the powers and also abilities of a spider. ~ failing to usage those strength to protect against a criminal, his lovely Uncle Ben is killed by the exact same man. Peter learns the with an excellent power comes great responsibility, and also decides to use his strength to struggle crime as brand-new York"s newest hero, Spider-Man!
Sequel to my extension fic, TESM. It"s been 2 months due to the fact that The Avengers beat an alien race attacking NYC, and also Peter Parker isn"t enjoy it the peace and also quiet the comes through no longer being the city"s only defender. As soon as an alien organism binds itself come him, the sets off a chain of events that sees him facing his own demons, also as brand-new foes and also old friends.
With the fatality of his Uncle, Peter and Aunt may are compelled to relocate from the city right into a quiet neighborhood in Bayville, yet quiet is not what they were going come get, now Peter should balance his life as Peter Parker and his duties as Spider-Man. He is no alone with the help from Professor X and the X-men lock will face many new challenges under the road.
Spider-man has constantly been a hero and stayed faithful to MJ, yet what hapens as soon as one lifechanging decision reasons him to come to be a criminal, break MJ"s heart and also be pursued down by the law and also his former allies
What if Spider-Man retained his venom? What if he became obsessed v power? inspect this out! She gift or Carnage might born in the later chapters. Chapter 1 come 9 are published. Now FINISHED! This is my very first carolannpeacock.com, therefore please give me reviews and ideas. I might think of creating a sequel, and also if time permits or sufficient positive evaluate from you, ns may consider to compose more. Thanks!
Mary Jane and also Felicia get worn down of playing second fiddle to a virgin through no driver"s license. PeterxMJxFelicia
Trapped, and then free, the would prevent at nothing to acquire what was Its. ~ all, the symbiote belonged to Peter Parker, and also Parker to It. They to be two, supposed to be one, and also one they would be. Based on the symbiotes suggest of check out from ultimate Spider-man, episode Venom. Long-term hiatus.
A reimagined take on the wall-crawler beginning virtually a year right into Peter"s superheroic career. Marked for Destruction part 4 is up! Spider-Woman vs. Sandman! and Peter encounters execution in Doom"s court!
Universe 7531. What if Spider-Man along with his friends and foes lived in a little town quite than new York City? What would certainly change? What would continue to be the same? can Peter still store his secret? sign up with Peter, mary Jane, Gwen, Harry, Ben Reilly, flash Thompson, Eddie Brock, Kaine and also a plethora that others as our young heroes and also villains come of period in center America.
Following the results of Lamentations, Peter finds self in a strange place, torn between his darker desires and his responsibility. His actions will uncover old secrets and also wounds covert under his skin together he discovers the answer to the question he"s to be asking... HIATUS...
Peter Parker evolves right into the function of Protector of brand-new York as The remarkable Spider-Man, volume 2 in the collection R/R
A monster is born. A hero is tested. A mysterious previous is revealed. Peter deals with a brand-new enemy much more vicious, ruthless, devious, and cunning. Every little thing becomes clean after he discovers his enemy"s ties to his parents and also his nightmare begins. What wake up if the people he cares for many are in danger? What happens if the can"t save them? What wake up if they salary the ultimate price?
Continuation that the black color Cat ending from Spiderman: web of Shadows. Spiderman"s unable to do rogue, with an army of symbiotes in ~ his command, hellbent on conquering the world. He can just pull it off. An initial story ever, please be kind and also read and also review! Dark/Evil/Symbiote Spiderman and also Black Cat.
This is a carolannpeacock.com based off the idea the Spiderman preserved the venom symbiote. I adopted this story native a friend on ns hope you"ll prefer it. Please review it and give me ideas!
It"s time i forgot about small ol" web-swinger for a while... And also paid part attention to the exclusive life that Peter Parker... That happens to it is in my favorite civilian! -Spider-Man/Peter Parker (click to find out more).
The sequel to Genesis, Peter Parker"s life has actually been amazing these past three months yet the risk of large gang wars threaten come burn brand-new York to ashes and also from those ashes, arises a devilish plot to destroy everything the holds dear. Marvel renewal AU.
Peter Parker is bitten by a genetically altered spider and also gets super human powers. Coming to be the masked hero Spider-Man, he war super-villains and also common crooks alike, every the while trying for the affection the the mrs he loves. Center of the TMR Universe. (COMPLETE)
The genuine life of Spiderman. Featuring Peter/Betty, Peter/Liz, and maybe others, yet in the finish is walking to be Peter/Gwen/MJ/Felicia. Also, Peter bond through a symbiote which shows up early in the story. Warning: Lemon Ch3;
Seven month after the occasions of "The magnificent Spider-Man", crime begins to increase as a guy named Wilson Fisk; The Kingpin, plans to take over and destroy Neon City at every costs, v nobody to stop him. Except Ken King; The splendid Spider-Man, because that he has actually the aid of an extraterrestrial suit. But the fit is an ext than what it appears to him. (Based on Comics and also is my own universe.)
This is an alternating story about how Peter Parker, aka Spider-Man, takes on the darker persona that the black suited Spider-Man and how it affects him, transforming him from hero into...something else. Warning: this story consists of dark themes throughout including rape and also graphic violence. Based upon the remarkable Spider man movies of the early 2010"s
Re-imagining the Spider-Man and the rest of the Marvel Universe. Peter/Gwen. Thing 83 represents a jumping on suggest for new readers.
Peter Parker proceeds with the struggles of juggling relationships, work, and school together he protects the city native the likes that several classic villains. Exactly how will he handle it once things turn totally upside down? sign up with Peter, Gwen, Harry, and Mary Jane together they star in this re-telling of the standard hero in a new universe the is nothing much less than marvelous. Please Review!
Peter gets doused pheromone booster and is now attracting assorted women sexually, will certainly he dominate this latest trial or it is in smothered by assorted females. PeterXGwen,MJ,Felicia, Kitty,Natasha,X-23,Emma Frost.Takes location in haremverse or universe 1832. Redone
When venom finds a method to duplicate his symbiote, Spider-Man is thrust right into a battle for the city of new York. In this battle, he will require the aid of heroes and enemies alike in order to challenge a previous that intimidates to destroy all that he loves.
Spider-Man is left critically hurt in a fight with the eco-friendly Goblin. Now, Peter needs to make an unholy alliance in his quest for vengeance...with the gift symbiote.

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An alternate course of events in which Peter becomes a more aggressive Spider male after a fail to separate from the extraterrestrial entity.
Peter Parker have to wrestle with his newfound power and also responsibility in the new and Radical Vision that the Spider-Man mythos while dealing with merciless adversaries each an ext deadly than the last. Critically Praised! Finished!