Which defines the enthalpy change associated with an endothermic reaction?It is an unfavorable because the enthalpy that the assets is greater than the enthalpy of the reactants.It is positive due to the fact that the enthalpy the the assets is greater than the enthalpy of the reactants.It is negative because the enthalpy the the reaction is higher than the enthalpy that the products.It is positive since the enthalpy of the reactants is better than the enthalpy of the products.

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Two steel blocks that have actually slightly various temperatures are placed next come one another. After 5 minutes, castle both have actually lower however equal temperatures. Follow to the regulation of conservation of energy, what most most likely happened?Energy was created inside the blocks.Energy was damaged inside the blocks.Energy was absorbed into the block from exterior the system.Energy was transferred from the warmer block come the cooler block.
A welding torch produces a fire by burn acetylene fuel in the existence of oxygen. This fire is supplied to melt a metal. I m sorry energy transformation represents this process?chemical energy into heat energypotential energy into kinetic energykinetic energy into electromagnetic energypotential energy into chemical energy
What describes the crucial difference in between a bomb calorimeter and a coffee cup calorimeter?A bomb calorimeter is 10 time larger but works the very same way.A bomb calorimeter measures warmth for liquid products only.A bomb calorimeter has a separate chamber to organize substances and also can also measure heat get or loss for reactions that carry out not occur in water.A bomb calorimeter can measure heat get or lose in gaseous reactions however is not advantageous for reaction that take place at high pressures and also temperatures.
How need to the baking of a pizza be categorized?as one exothermic procedure because the dough publication heatas one endothermic procedure because the dough publication heatas one exothermic process because the dough absorbs heatas one endothermic process because the dough absorbs heat
Which statement defines calorimetry?the preservation of energya unit of energy that is offered when calculating power exchangea an equipment that is used to measure the warmth that is acquired or lost throughout a chemistry changethe measurement of energy that is offered off or absorbed in a physics or chemical process
Which statement about enthalpy is true?The enthalpy of development for a pure element in its typical state is constantly positive.The enthalpy of formation for a pure facet in its conventional state is constantly negative.Enthalpy is a state role because its adjust depends just on initial and final conditions.Enthalpy is not a state function because its change depends ~ above the identities the the reactants and products.
Which reaction is endothermic?HCl + NaOH NaCl + H2O + 58 kJ6CO2 + 12H2O + energy C6H12O6 + 6O2 + 6H2O2Na + Cl2 2NaCl + energy2C2H6 + 7O2 4CO2 + 6H2O + 2,502 kJ
Which is the finest example of just how electromagnetic energy is provided in everyday life?a pot of boiling water on a gas stovea patient receiving one X-ray in a hospitala auto burning petrol to strength the enginea car of a roller coaster moving quickly down a slope
Which direction does thermal power flow in the complying with diagram?Heat flows from the ice cream cream to the hand.Heat operation from the hand to the ice cream cream.The mechanism is in a state that equilibrium.The device is as well cold for heat to move.
Nitrogen dioxide, NO2(g) (Hf = 33.84 kJ/mol), is decomposed according to the following reaction:What is the enthalpy adjust when 2.50 mol the nitrogen dioxide decomposes?13.5 kJ of energy released13.5 kJ of power absorbed84.6 kJ of energy released84.6 kJ of power absorbed
Which statement best describes the direction that heat circulation by conduction between two samples that the same material?Heat flows from quicker molecules to slow molecules when they are near.Heat flows from much faster molecules to slower molecules when they collide.Heat flows from slower molecules to quicker molecules once they space near.Heat operation from slow molecules to much faster molecules as soon as they collide.
A metal sample is heated and placed into the water in a calorimeter in ~ room temperature. I m sorry statement best describes how the calorimeter have the right to be used to recognize the certain heat capacity of the steel sample?Energy transfers to the metal from the water and also calorimeter till they are all in ~ room temperature.Energy move from the steel to the water and calorimeter until they room all at room temperature.Energy move to the metal from the water and also calorimeter until they every reach a solitary temperature.Energy move from the metal to the water and also calorimeter till they every reach a single temperature.
Complete burning of a 0.350 g sample that a compound in a bomb calorimeter release 14.0 kJ that heat. The bomb calorimeter has actually a mass of 1.20 kg and also a specific heat the 3.55 J/(gi°C).If the initial temperature that the calorimeter is 22.5°C, what is its last temperature?Use .19.2°C25.3°C34.2°C72.3°C
Which best describes heat?energy that is lugged by electric and magnetic fieldsenergy that decreases as a automobile slows to a stopenergy that boosts as a book is lifted to a greater shelfenergy that flows native a warm mug of tea come a cold hand
Ammonia, NH3 (Hf = -46.2 kJ), reacts through oxygen to create water (Hf = -241.8 kJ) and also nitric oxide, NO (Hf = 91.3 kJ), in the following reaction:What is the enthalpy change for this reaction? Use-900.8 kJ-104.6 kJ104.6 kJ900.8 kJ
Manganese dioxide (MnO2(s), Hf = -520.0 kJ) reacts through aluminum to type aluminum oxide (AI2O3(s), Hf = -1699.8 kJ/mol) and also manganese according to the equation below.What is the enthalpy of the reaction?-1,839.6 kJ-1,179.8 kJ1,179.8 kJ1,839.6 kJ
A generator contains a coil that spins to produce an electrical current. How is power transformed by making use of a generator?Thermal energy is reinvented to potential energy.Thermal energy is revolutionized to mechanical energy.Chemical energy is changed to electromagnetic energy.Mechanical energy is transformed to electromagnetic energy.
An ice cube is put on a kitchen counter. Which finest describes heat circulation in this situation?Heat operation from the ice to the counter, bring about the molecule in the counter to move much more quickly.Heat operation from the ice cream to the counter, leading to the molecules in the respond to to move much more slowly.Heat operation from the respond to to the ice, causing the molecules in the respond to to move an ext quickly.Heat operation from the counter to the ice, resulting in the molecule in the respond to to move more slowly.
Which declare is true if the Hrxn of a reaction is positive?The reaction is endothermic.The reaction is exothermic.There is much more reactant than product.There is much more product 보다 reactant.
The specific heat the water is 4.18 J/(gi°C) and also that of hardwood is 1.97 J/(gi°C). I beg your pardon statement is correct?Regardless that mass, wood will warmth up less than water if the same warmth is added.Given same masses, wood will warmth up much less than water if the same warm is added.Given same masses, water will warm up much less than hardwood if the same warm is added.Regardless the mass, water will heat up much less than timber if the same warmth is added.

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Which reaction is endothermic?2BrCl Br2 + Cl2 + 29.3 kJ2H2 + O2 2H2O + 572 kJC + O2 CO2 + 394 kJN2O4 + 59 kJ 2NO2
Based top top the equation and also the details in the table, what is the enthalpy the the reaction? use -453.46 kJ-226.73 kJ226.73 kJ453.46 kJ
A student touches a freshly small cake that was taken out of the oven. Which finest explains why the cake feels hot?Molecules in the skin room moving faster than molecule in the cake.Molecules in the cake room moving much faster than molecule in the skin.The kinetic energy of molecules in the cake is more than the power in the baking tray.The kinetic energy of molecule in the baking tray is much more than the power in the cake.
Complete combustion of a 0.600-g sample of a compound in a bomb calorimeter publication 24.0 kJ of heat. The bomb calorimeter has a massive of 1.30 kg and also a specific heat of 3.41 J/(gi°C). If the early temperature that the calorimeter is 25.5°C, what is its final temperature?Use 30.9°C34.5°C44.0°C51.5°C