If you've ever been led ~ above by someone you liked, you know exactly how frustrating it can be.

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You thought you were very clearly flirting—and evil versa—but castle were just being nice. That would've thought?

But what if you're doing the top on and you don't even know it? We hate to be the bearer of poor news, however it can be happening right now.

Scroll listed below for the five subtle indications you're leading who on.

1. You text Them every the Time

Texting who on a consistent basis is a rarity this days. If you have the right to keep a convo going there is no an finish in sight, climate you must really like this person, right? no always. Obviously, you can do this with friends, but even these exchanges have their limits. Therefore if you're chatting with the party in concern all the moment without any sort that lull in your conversation, they might think you're entirely into them. Sure, they could just be easy to speak to around anything and also everything, i beg your pardon is why you want to fight them increase regularly, but know the they may think you're contempt interested. It's as much as you to tell them that isn't exactly the case.


(To all the guys I've loved Before via Netflix)

2. Friend Hang out One-on-One Regularly

Spending top quality time through someone every few weeks or therefore is one thing, however hanging the end one-on-one frequently is in a league of the own. Think about it. If you were crushing on who and just the two of you to be hanging the end all the time, wouldn't you doubt they'd be a tiny bit right into you? Yes, yes girlfriend would. We know, since so would certainly we. As lot as you may like hanging out through this person, perhaps you should give them some an are just therefore they don't get the dorn impression. And again, girlfriend can constantly just call them where this relationship is or isn't going.

3. You're Playful v Them

Laughing at all their jokes or coyly emotional them ~ above the arm will have actually them believing you're all set to do your relationship IG official in a moment. You more than likely don't even think what you're act is being the slightest little flirty, yet they view it otherwise. You could just it is in going out of your way to be nice, but unfortunately being too nice has actually its downfalls. That's no to say you need to start acting typical to them or even readjust how friend act around them. Just be aware of exactly how your playfulness have the right to be perceived.


(Dumplin' via Netflix)

4. You store Them about for the Attention

Is one of the main reasons you're girlfriend with this person, or even hang out v them, due to the fact that you know they'll always give you the attention you no hope crave? Maybe when no one else will certainly listen come you vent about your terrible day, lock will. When you require someone come go v you come the movies, you have the right to count on lock to it is in there. Yes, you like them and also enjoy your company, however you know that you evaluate them even much more for their unwavering loyalty. Girlfriend don't feeling empty once they aren't through you, quite you miss having someone for this reason enthralled with you by your side every the time prefer a small puppy dog. If that's the case, the way you treat lock is conveniently going to be misinterpreted as romantic interest.

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5. Friend Won't call Them exactly how You Really Feel about Them

You know that friend don't see this being anything an ext than what the is, a nearby friendship, but have girlfriend told them that? If girlfriend haven't and don't desire to, because you're scared they won't desire to cave out through you anymore, you're very clearly leading castle on. Tell them just how you yes, really feel, due to the fact that they're more than likely frustrated girlfriend haven't thrust the connection along further. It's up to you to determine where you view this going. Will you store the friendship alive, or permit them run free?


(Riverdale via The CW)

Now the you understand you might be leading who on, here are indications your like is leading you on.