Overwatch to be a team the heroes that saved humankind from extermination through Omnics year ago. With their original mission complete, Overwatch vowed to protect humanity from itself.

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Chance allowed Overwatch to use Genji and also Hanzo Shimada’s family conflict to take under the Shimada clan that assassins and also their criminal empire. The setup succeeded, and the hit left Genji mortally wounded and Hanzo was ravaged at murdering his very own brother.

Unbeknownst to Hanzo, Overwatch available to conserve Genji Shimada’s life in exchange for aid taking under the Shimada empire. Genji accepted it and joined the protectors, finding peace and also self-acceptance follow me the way.

Conflicted by his actions at the council elder’s demand, Hanzo Shimada ultimately turned against the evil organization he’d when led. Claimed an foe by his family, Hanzo risked his life every year to return and also honor his brother’s memory.

On one together night ten years later, the brothers would certainly meet and also fight again. Hanzo would be left with much to consider, and also the waters become murky.

Genji can be fried quote

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Genji ultimate quoteGenji can be fried quote in JapaneseGenji ultimate quote in EnglishFAQs

Overwatch translations have actually evolved due to the fact that Genji’s can be fried shout reverberated about the online gaming communities an international in 2015. If you to be to put Genji and also Hanzo’s ult in words, you will do be angry the gaming “powers” that load or develop (leading as much as ‘ultimate’ superpowers for the game’s damage heroes).

Genji’s voice lines are clear, frequently poignant and occasionally flippant.

Genji’s ult quote

Genji’s ult line depends on the situation, but there room a few classics for as soon as he ults or is prepare to perform so:

“The dragon and I are one.”“My tongue is prepared to it is in unleashed.”“My can be fried is charging.”“My can be fried is virtually ready.”“My can be fried is ready.”

Additional Overwatch sayings include, “My can be fried is charged. Strike with me!” (used once addressing an ally player).

Genji’s spawn quote

“Even if you litter yourself away, friend don’t litter away your name.”

This Genji voice line covers his character arc in a solitary sentence. That throws far his old life leaving the Shimada clan after ~ the fight v Hanzo and also again when he exits Overwatch. Yet, he continues working toward the higher good.

Genji’s dragon blade quote

Genji has six dragon tongue quotes. The skin Genji uses and also the affiliation the the player impact which line they hear.

Genji dragon blade price quotes (to himself and also enemies)“Ryujin no ken o kurae!” Eat the dragon sword!“Oni no ken o kurae!” take my dragon blade! (part of the Genji voice present in the Oni skin).“Byakko no ken o kurae!” Eat the white tiger’s sword! (equipping the Baihu skin unlocks this version).Genji dragon blade price quotes (to allies)“The dragon becomes me.”“The demon becomes me. (only in the Oni skin).”“The white tiger i do not care me.” (a voice line because that the Baihu skin).

Genji’s character-specific killing quotes

Genji utters several lines together he kills, however three stand out since they address particular characters:

“I to be victorious this time, brother.” (when encountering Hanzo)“Mock fatality at your own peril.” (when he death Reaper).“I have the upper hand this time, Master.” (when Genji kills Zenyatta).Genji’s unlockable quotes

The perform of unlockable quotes for Genji is additionally lengthy, however here are some noteworthy versions:

“A steady blade balances the soul.”“You are just human.”“Measure twice, cut once.”“My Halloween costume? Cyborg ninja.” (unlocks in Halloween Terror)“To recognize yourself is come be in ~ peace.” (unlocks in Lunar new Year)“Life and death balance on the edge of my blade.” (in Uprising)

Genji ultimate quote in Japanese


Genji Shimada players, and those fighting versus him, will hear the Genji voice currently in Japanese. Players allied v Genji hear the “Ryujin no ken wo kuare!” translate in of the Genji sayings.

Ryugawa ga tekiwo kurau

“Dragon, consume my enemies” is the simple English translate in of this specific Genji quote.

Ryujin no ken wo kurae

The “Ryujin no ken wo kurae,” translate into is, “Eat the knife of the Dragon God.” that could likewise be, “Take my dragon blade.”

Ryoku ga minagittekuru

In English, it means, “Power is coming!” it is a Genji voice line heard once Ana offers his character a nano boost.

Honki o misetemiro

Deflecting an attack, this phrase translates to, “Show me seriously.” that is a taunt implying the assault is patronizing or weak.

Genji ultimate quote in English


The Genji dragon shows up for his can be fried attack. Genji and also Hanzo space the just characters capable of regulating or deflecting this attacks.

Take mine dragon blade

This is among the most typical Genji dragon blade estimates that appears regularly throughout gameplay.

The dragon becomes me

Another common Genji dragon blade quote, the denotes the blade together an extension of the man, Hanzo and Genji included.

Power is coming!

Genji claims this line when Ana boosts him with nanotechnology.

Show me seriously

When deflecting adversary attacks, Genji may goad his enemy with this line, implying they room inadequate.


What language walk Genji speak?

Genji speak Japanese.

Can Genji eat?

While the developers have actually not confirmed whether Genji deserve to eat, the info they have given roughly his character means he go eat. Michael Chu shown Genji still has his head and also torso intact, and also in the game, Genji has made recommendations to still having the “guts of a man.”

Considering these facts, along with Mercy gifting the chocolates and references to Genji gift the only member of Overwatch who have the right to handle her coffee, the proof points come an affirmative on Genji’s capability to eat.

How is Genji pronounced?

It is a two-syllable word. The G is hard, favor in ‘game’ or ‘go.’ The “en” sounds choose “in,” and the last syllable, “ji,” sounds choose gee’s name.

Why is Genji an foe of the Shimada Clan?

The Shimada Clan elders sent Hanzo after him quickly after the death of your father. As soon as Genji refuses to submit to Hanzo (his older brother) and the elders, Hanzo assaults to conserve face and also maintain power. That is a battle Genji loses, and also Hanzo leaves him because that dead.

The organization, Overwatch, finds Genji close to death and offers to save him. In return, he must assist them infiltrate the Shimada Clan. Genji agrees to slake his thirst because that revenge and also desire come live.

Once Genji has healed, the keeps his word by joining Overwatch and also focuses on collapsing his family’s empire.

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What go Lucio say as soon as he ults?

When Lucio ults, the says, “Vamos esculachar!” (“Oh, let’s break it down!”).

What is Widowmaker’s ult line?

“Personne n’echappe a mon regard,” is Widowmaker’s ult voice heat (“No one deserve to hide from my sight.”)