Whether you deserve to see the or not, pretty much everyone has some kind of piercing this days.

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But what walk it every mean?

Both lobes pierced

The classic. You probably begged your mum to let you obtain this excellent from the period of about five, but she made you wait till you to be twelve. As soon as the day come you most most likely went come your local Claire’s equipment (or a beauty shop if your mum was an especially anxious around infection).

This is the sort of girl you desire to take home to your parents: she sensible, sporty (any an ext piercings space an inconvenience because that a sporty gal) and also most likely heading because that a high-flying career. In other words, she’s most likely a little bit boring.

Extra lobe/helix piercings

These to be every rebellious teen’s rite the passage. If friend were yes, really outrageous, you provided your larger sister’s ID and had them done before you to be sixteen. Her mum most likely wasn’t also keen on the idea however she ultimately came round and admitted that looked ‘quite nice’.

These piercings were an essential way come signal to everyone at sixth kind that you to be a tiny bit ‘edgy’ and also ‘cool’. Other than then you realise the everyone else has had actually the very same idea…


The result of a short-lived rebellious teenage phase

Nose Piercing

The sleep piercing is come the uni college student what the helix piercing is to the sixth former. You one of two people did it just before uni to aid attract cooler girlfriend or girlfriend did the the week after Fresher’s, more than likely on the exact same day you bought your Superstars and a nice oversized knitted jumper to go clubbing in. Expect you made those girlfriend you were looking for.

‘Do i look edgy now?’

Septum piercing

A step up native the basic nose piercing. This girl doesn’t give a shit about what guys think of her, i m sorry is lucky because in their ignorance they most likely think she looks prefer a bull. This one’s all around impressing other, likewise cool and artistic girls. Ns really hope it works for them, since it watch painful.

Tummy switch Piercing

The subtly slutty piercing. Only seen as soon as wearing crop tops, bikinis or underwear, the tummy button piercing is another classic plot of teenage rebellion. Except instead that screaming the you’re edgy, the subtly winks with the rundown of your clothes: ‘‘I’m a tiny bit slutty, however you only obtain to uncover out if you obtain to recognize me”.

Every girl born in the 90s wanted this done at one point. Your mum understands exactly what this one signals and really didn’t approve of it, yet it’s okay since she’ll hardly ever before see it and ignorance is bliss. The boys you met in Malia in 2013 probably loved it.

Rook, Scaffold, Daith or anything rather scary sounding

You were most likely an emo or into heavy metal music. In fact, you most probably still are. No that this is a poor thing, it’s just a factual assertion.

They don’t look as scary as they sound

Nipple Piercing

Popular in the Victorian duration and climate brought back into fashion by underground fetish movements in the 1970s, nipple piercings are just just start to go mainstream. Hardly ever seen through anyone except the wearer, nipple piercings space sexier than other more obvious embellishments ~ above account of their subtlety.

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Tongue Piercing

Another piercing popularised in the 90s however much much more of a commitment than the tummy piercing since everyone look at it. All. The. Time. Also, it supposedly takes ages to heal. However it walk look like it’s funny to play with and also it has benefits in the bedroom. For this reason a tongue piercing suggests high level of commitment and also a pretty active sex life. Execute you not gain food grounding in it though? Isn’t that gross?


Eyebrow piercing (Boys)

Do you have a slit in your eyebrow too, mate? If no this can actually look genuinely cool. However, i m so sad if you also have a slit and you’re put on a baggy, grey tracksuit, you more than likely never outgrew the noughties and also you look at ridiculous. Execute you also ride a BMX and would you point out blasting music out of her Corsa as one of your favourite activities? thought so.

Ear piercings (Boys)

Again, this counts on the general aesthetic of her look. If you have actually a fake diamond stud in every ear then you most likely additionally love spray tans and also tight-fitting trackies. However, if you have a single ring in the height of her ear girlfriend probably got it done on your void yah in the hope of disguising your privileged upbringing. That matches your brand-new edgy trainers and ironic shit shirts. It almost worked, except every other middle class boy did that too and you’ll probably have to take that out when you finish uni and also start that job in the City her Dad gained you. Reap it while the lasts.


This is not a look anyone should aspire to

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