Dig Underground.Use the Dowsing device Poketch app (usually near beaches, shallow water, and shoals)*Show the guy at the Solaceon Newspaper the Pokemon he desires for the article, and he’ll give you one in addition to some random species of pokeballs (Timer, Dusk, etc.)

Who gives heart scale in Emerald?

Heart scales are very nice to have when recording Pokémon late in the game, together the relocate Tutor accepts heart Scales in exchange for his craft.

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How perform you go underwater in Pokemon Emerald?

Go come the an are station in the northeast edge of the island, whereby you will have to defeat Team Magma. Go to Steven’s house, in the northwest corner of the city, and also he will offer you HM08 Dive.

How execute you get heart scales in Pokemon Emerald?

Go underwater and use itemfinder or discover luvdisc (in the pond in ever before grande city) and also use thief and also you can gain a love scale.

What walk a love scale execute in Pokemon brick bronze?

Heart Scales because that trade, mainly looking for incenses, an upgrade or steel coat, but other provides will be taken into factor to consider aswell.

What room heart scales for in Pokemon Diamond?

Heart range is an item that the player can exchange come a relocate Relearner to do the player’s Pokémon remember your forgotten moves.

Where is the move reminder in Pokemon Diamond?

The relocate Relearner is uncovered in the residence north-east that the Pokémart and will teach your Pokémon moves in that is level-up the it can have learned at lower levels. The charges you one Heart range per move.

How execute you evolve Piloswine in Pokemon Platinum?


Have the level increase while learning AncientPower. Take it come the move Relearner in Pastoria. User Info: veale287. Level up Piloswine when it to know Ancientpower (same technique to evolve Tangela & Yanma). There room 3 approaches to gain Ancientpower ~ above Piloswine: Teach it ancient Power and also level that up. User Info: Drake_fire.

What level walk Munna evolve?

Munna requires a Moonstone to evolve. It’s finest to wait till Munna will level 48 to provide it the Moonstone. This is when the Pokémon learns its last hard-hitting move, Future Sight. Sticking exclusively to learned moves, Munna repurchase Magic Coat in ~ level 20, which shows status effects at its opponent.

What is the finest level to evolve Munna?

level 31

Is Blitzle great Pokemon?

Blitzle is among the worst Pokemon I have used in the at an early stage game. It’s stats are horrible. That can’t dish the end a OHKO on a Pokemon it’s strong against and also it almost always die in one or 2 hits. It’s a higher level than the Pokemon it battles so that’s no the problem.

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When have to I evolve Blitzle?


Can Zebstrika evolve?

Zebstrika is one Electric-type Pokémon. It evolves from Blitzle beginning at level 27. It can Mega Evolve right into Mega Zebstrika utilizing the Zebstrikite.