That’s the funniest i will ever before be. This day I was inspired to photo circular things around my home.

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May 15th Challenge: Round


The door knob. Probably the most typical round thing in dwellings today


Another cute pair of my sister, Latoya’s shoes. I really prefer the buckles and also holes


Mom’s dresser. Her challenge powder attracted me in


An apple pie scented candle. Latoya purchase it for herself yet mom chose to use it come decorate she coffee table


Advanced Simplicity


He resides in our life room, near our tv…


Pink fluid anyone? ns love me part strawberry-kiwi


The red pearl. Latoya and also I love stopper earrings


Face scrubber thingy. Ns really love the colour


I enjoy baking. It provides me happy. Specifically the eat part


You can offer Smuckers together a gift? Really?


Forgotten party in a case

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2 thoughts on “What go the Triangle say come theCircle?”

May 16, 2012 at 1:52 am

what an amazing set of picture of what many would just overlook together “mundane” objects. You really have an excellent talent to make such one interesting set from approximately the house!


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