The Westboro Baptist Church"s on facebook page has not been hacked by online vigilante team Anonymous, contradictory to earlier reports.

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Following the church"s plans come picket the funerals of the Boston Marathon battle victims, it was reported the the hacking cumulative had taken over the controversial group"s official social networking page, replacing its materials with a mix of images, comments and videos rather contrary come its views.


However, the subsequently emerged that cotton had set up the page parodying the Westboro Baptist Church critical year, and also it had only recently gained further attention in the wake of the Boston tragedy.

If #WBC protests the Boston funerals, lock will have to expect us.

— cotton (
YourAnonNews) April 15, 2013

Among the facebook page"s posts include number of philosophical and also peaceful quotes from the likes of martin Luther King Jr and also Peter H Reynolds.

Other write-ups included scripture from the Quran, photos of cute kittens and also various recommendations to web memes.

The WBC had actually tweeted earlier: "Thank God because that the Boston Marathon Bombs!! Westboro Baptist Church to picket funeral that those killed. #PraiseGod."

Anonymous previously struck the WBC after ~ church members endangered to picket the funerals that the Newtown shooting victims. Hackers took end the group"s key website and published personal information.

Last month, a residence in Topeka, Kansas to be painted in rainbow color - the colour of the happy pride flag - directly across from the anti-gay church.

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