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Opened ~ above February 21, 1968 through James Stewart in “Firecreek” reflecting on both screens. Each screen had 360-seats. A twin home with home windows at the behind of the theaters. Big single concession was standing to offer both houses. Return originally built as a timeless RKO twin, the depth of the theatres was consequently doubled. It was closed in 1987.

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MarkieS top top January 4, 2010 in ~ 7:12 afternoon

I experienced that all time classic “who slew auntie roo?” v Shelley winter there!


paul baar on may 18, 2017 at 6:22 to be

I saw “THE eco-friendly BERETS”,“WILL PENNEY”,“AIRPORT”,“THE odd COUPLE\"AND numerous MORE.IT was A quite THEATER however I THINK they WERE starting TO develop TOO MANY.THE sector WAS speak TICKET RECIEPTS WERE under IN THE LATE\"60’S, however THEY BUILT an ext TAKING away FROM THEATERS prefer THE BABYLON THEATER.


robboehm on might 18, 2017 in ~ 6:35 to be

Of the existing long Island theaters there are very few from the early on days and these have actually been chopped up. Currently they construct multiplexes v a dozen or more auditoriums yet many seat fewer 보다 50 people. Except for the big, splashy movie you should just wait and also see that on your house theater display screen for a 3rd of the price you’d pay.


paul baar on may 18, 2017 at 6:55 am


David_Schneider on might 27, 2017 at 12:29 afternoon

I remember see “Return the the Jedi” here during the film’s opened weekend in 1983. (I simply realized I may be by chance posting this nearly exactly 34 year later.) i arrived early for my chosen present time… and also was startled as I to be driven previous on Montauk Highway and also into the parking many to watch a line external that i then had actually to wait in for the duration of the screening to thankfully acquire in come the next one. The sky was overcast, and it drizzled for the critical twenty minute of the wait. I joked to the other kid behind me about our dedication, and also we conversed to happen the continuing to be time. Ns then sat through him throughout the show, and also he offered his finger to somehow help his eye squint due to the fact that he had actually recently shed his glasses.

I sort of recollect perhaps a many dark red in the lobby’s décor. Yes the auditoriums to be narrow enough that ns felt subconsciously prompted to sit closer come the screen.

I likewise saw the initial “Ghostbusters“ here, and another film i can‘t recall.

When component of the front of the theater came to be a Blockbuster video I believed that to be ironic: the theatre is gone however you have the right to still consume movies by renting them from there, consisting of perhaps some older people that had played at the theater.

The former entrance and also lobby the the theater/former Blockbuster and also F.Y.E. Music store is currently Davis Visionworks. The rest of the theater structure is now a GNC, a weight Watchers, and also a Carter’s youngsters clothing store.

In pre-2015 Google Street View images there room two upright blue stole beams in front of the building at the corner of Montauk Hwy and also Brookvale Avenue the I think held increase the marquee if memory serves. They have been changed by a sign showing what businesses room in the good South bay Shopping Center.

My so late father when told me there had been a pond top top which he supplied to ice cream skate as a kid during winters in the 1930’s, the was fill in and also replaced by the A&S (Abraham & Strauss) department keep (now nationwide Wholesale Liquidators) in the corner of the shopping facility at the moment the home was developed. When visiting the place while farming up I’d contemplate that – my father at my age, and also a an ext rural version of lengthy Island i hadn’t experienced.

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Back once the cinema exist the to buy center also included a Woolworth’s save with a diner ns had eaten at with my mom, a French restaurant (Le Petite Chateau?) to which mine high institution French course took a lunch time ar trip, and a Chinese restaurant, gone prior to I was old sufficient to know of it, whereby my parents claimed they had actually some that their beforehand dates.