Wendy Williams ultimately had she say around the backlash from her leaked beach pics.

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Wendy no let a couple of criticism about her bikini body spoil her vacation. Instead she waited to go back to her present to give her official response.

Twitter to be on fire last week as images surfaced, and also there to be no shortage of less-than-complimentary comments about Wendy’s physique. Return she to be surprised the she was caught frolicking top top the beach, she wasn’t surprised through the an answer her images received. And, given the nature of she job, Wendy didn’t take the hate personally.

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“I deserve to dish it; ns can also take it,” Wendy said once she got earlier to her purple chair. Yet there is other that renders her uncomfortable around the fallout.

“These pictures have made me a warm topic, which i can’t stand,” she admitted. Wendy knows what she look at like, and she’s to be pretty open about her shape in the past. Viewers know Wendy has actually pointed the end the dispropotion in her frame before. “How many times have actually I told friend all that I’m shaped like a ‘P’? my party is in the front; never ever in the back,” she said.

That said, she no letting T.I. turn off the hook because that his insuts.

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“Shoutout to the lover T.I., who was really civilized in his comments about my absence of behind,” Wendy said, sprinkling a little extra shade on the situation prior to moving top top the following subject. “T.I., ns don’t have a behind similar to you don’t have height, which is why friend wear lifts.”


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Wendy Williams speak On Bikini Pics: “I deserve to Dish It; ns Can likewise Take It” was initially published onhellobeautiful.com

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