Robin Williams will always be mental as among the greatest improv comedians that ever lived. Throughout his lifetime, the celebirty earned 2 Emmys, four golden Globes, and five Grammys.

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The comedic legend also won one Oscar for ideal Supporting gibbs in Good Will searching and got three Academy compensation nominations because that his starring roles in Good Morning, Vietnam, Dead Poets Society, and also The Fisher King. His beloved voiceover job-related as the Genie in Disney’s Aladdin will it is in a never-ending reminder that his impeccable talent.

Williams managed to retain his classic an excellent looks from ago in the early on days the television’s Mork and also Mindy. The brown hair, long nose, sort eyes, and gentle smile developed his top style.

In 2002, Williams appeared on the popular improv comedy show, Whose line is that Anyway. Strangely, those above looks had actually disappeared, and also he was almost unrecognizable.

What is ‘Whose heat is it Anyway?’


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Comedian drew Carey hosted the brother spinoff native 1998 to 2007. Series regulars contained Wayne Brady, Colin Mochrie, and also Ryan Stiles. There was constantly a fourth player who was a various guest star each week.

The cast would act out scenes, create characters, or song on cue from prompts given by the host. Sometimes the audience would market suggestions, and also the comedians would certainly improvise the situation on the spot.

The gamings varied every episode through season favourite that contained “Scenes native a Hat” and “Helping Hands.”

Williams guest star appearance

Williams knack for situational comedy made that a perfect fit for Whose heat is that Anyway? He appeared on the present only when in 2000 throughout Season 3. He fit right into the troupe flawlessly, and even despite he to be the most well known actor on the stage, he came off as just one the the guys.

Williams’ portrayal of an Italian chef had actually the audience roaring v laughter. His one-liners to be incessant, and also the chemistry he emerged with the cast was undeniable.

Despite William’s hilarious performance, there to be a glaring adjust to his appearance. His classic good looks and also brown wavy hair had been replaced with an extremely blonde short cut. The looked so various that at first glance he appeared to be an entirely various person.

Why the adjust in looks?

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During the taping of the episode, Williams was functioning on the motion snapshot One Hour Photo. In the thriller, he plays a troubled film handling clerk obsessed with his customer’s photos. His character has balding short bleach blonde hair and wears wire-rim glasses.

The creepy persona matches his disturbing duty in this very non-comedic role.

Williams to be so convincing play Sy Parrish that civilization forgot it to be him they to be watching. Not only did he adjust his hair color, yet he was asked to cut his arms and upper chest to gain the look the director was going for.

It appears extreme, but Williams to be up because that the difficulty to create a multi-dimensional character that was unlike anything the had ever done before.

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Williams untimely death

In 2014 every Variety, lot to the shock and dismay the fans around the world, Williams died by suicide, dying at the period of 63. It to be later discovered that he had a long background of battling anxiety and depression.

Before his death, he was diagnosed v Parkinson’s Disease, which later on the coroner revealed was Lewy human body dementia, i m sorry is one incurable mind disorder with an apparent risk the suicide. William’s health and demeanor easily deteriorated and for months prior to his death friends and also family were worried about his morale.

Sadly, he shed his fight yet will never be forgotten together the guy that made for this reason many people smile help them to gain through your own difficult times.