Viewers acquire one critical dose of royal Pains as soon as the fight drama airs the eighth and also final season with eight episodes.

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Viewers gain one last dose of imperial Pains as soon as the hit drama airs its eighth and final season through eight episodes. In its final season, royal Pains will celebrate the identified honor of cross the 100th illustration milestone midway with the season, and will additionally include a visit to Hong Kong and also a distinctive musical illustration featuring number of returning guest stars.

Stranger peril

Season 8, episode 1 TV-PG CC HD CC SD

Hank treats a politician that does not want to sluggish down her project to take treatment of she health. Jeremiah requirements Divya's help when his an initial patient after returning from sabbatical proves to be challenging. Hank and also Evan react really differently as soon as Eddie return to the Hamptons v a surprise announcement, and Divya’s plan for her future hit a roadblock.

Palpating the orbit Rim

Season 8, illustration 2 TV-PG CC HD CC SD

Hank treats a stuntwoman ~ above the set of a movie that’s claimed to it is in cursed. Evan deals with the autumn from the cyber strike on Hamptons Heritage together Diana Underhill’s hacked clinical records come to be national news. As soon as Jeremiah’s parents concerned town, Divya help the family members work v their differences. Meanwhile, Hank and Jen go on their first date however things don’t go as planned.

fly Me to Kowloon

Season 8, illustration 3 TV-PG CC HD CC SD

Hank find romance in Hong Kong while staying clear of the theft of Boris's clinical records. Divya treats a repo guy bent top top taking ago a yacht. Paige convinces Evan come rethink their parenting path.

Doubt that Africa

Season 8, illustration 4 TV-PG CC HD CC SD

In the 100th episode, Hank functions a shift in the ER because that the an initial time in years. Jill makes a surprise visit come the Hamptons. Jeremiah bonds v a patient he secretly admires, and also Divya concerns for a patient.

Saab Story

Season 8, illustration 5 TV-PG CC HD CC SD

Hank treats an overworked Keller. Divya meets Hank's mentor yet a medical concern has readjusted him. Evan & Paige struggle with the requirements of IVF. Jeremiah create a video for Divya's baby shower.

home Sick

Season 8, illustration 6 TV-PG CC HD CC SD

Hank meets a woman that fears she has an inherited disease. Eddie makes a medical decision there is no consulting Hank. Jeremiah learns the Boris checked out clinical trials without his input.

The an excellent News Is...

Season 8, illustration 7 TV-PG CC HD CC SD

Hank help a theater legend as she deals with confusion and also memory loss in ~ Eddie's wedding. He likewise reconciles Eddie and also Evan prior to the ceremony. Paige & Evan await pregnant test results.


Season 8, episode 8 TV-PG CC HD CC SD

Boris prepares to leaving the Hamptons and also asks Hank to join him. Hank treats Libby, that is skipping alarming symptoms. Evan & Paige dramatically grow your family. Divya gets long-awaited news.

royal Pains Interview: mark Feuerstein

Season 8, Extra Unrated CC HD CC SD

Go behind-the-scenes of royal PAINS with note Feuerstein and also check out few of his favorite moments end the past eight seasons.

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imperial Pains: Wrap laboratory

Season 8, Extra Unrated CC HD CC SD

Check out note Feuerstein recap the last eight periods of imperial PAINS with a hysterical rap.

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