WR: Changing how we look at men

The Worldwide Roar is a mental health and human rights campaign. Through the simple but meaningful act of getting naked, sportsmen everywhere are able to demonstrate their commitment to LGBT rights, gender equality, better male mental health and combatting structural racism.

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We are the Worldwide Roar. For ten years, we were better known as the Warwick Rowers. We operate as a non-profit organisation and we rely on your support to help us share a message of hope, empowerment and freedom with those who need it most.

We continue to raise funds for Sport Allies, the registered charity that empowers young people to get the most out of sport and life, regardless of their sexuality, gender identity, race or physical ability.

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And now, with growing participation by athletes from different sports and countries around the world, we are also funding ground-breaking new research by universities in the UK and Canada into how healthier versions of masculinity can make the world a better place.

Imagine a world where we are all free to be ourselves, and nobody gets the unearned right by birth to tell others how to live – whether it’s because of their wealth, their sex, their sexuality, their race or their gender identity. That’s what we are fighting for. Help us to make it happen!

As a non-profit organisation that operates independently of corporate sponsors, we rely entirely on your support to keep going. We’re dedicated to creating the content you love, and to taking men on a journey that makes them part of the change we all want to see. And of course, we want everyone involved to have fun!

Put our award-winning calendar on your wall or enjoy the whole WR experience with added images, video! Either way, we’ll be with you all year to make every month amazing!