vidfinish is supposed to grow at a constant rate of 6.50% per year. If Wtransforms stock presently trades for $29.00 per share, what is the supposed rate of return?

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The value of a stock equates to the circulation of the dividends discounted at the expected rate of rerotate.

The formula to calculate the value of a stock when the dividends are intended to thrive at a continuous rate g, as soon as the expected price of return is r, is:


Here you know value = $29.00 per share, dividend at the end of the first year = $ 2.45 per share, continuous price at which the dividfinish is meant to thrive r = 6.50%. Then, you have the right to solve for r:




Mr. Smith decides to feed his pet Doberman pinscher a mix of 2 dog foodstuffs. Each have the right to of brand A contains units of​ prote

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Mr. Smith decides to feed his pet Dobermale pinscher a mix of two dog foods. Each can of brand also A contains 3 devices of protein, 1 unit of carbohydprices, and 2 units of fat and expenses 80 cents. Each have the right to of brand B consists of 1 unit of protein, 1 unit of carbohydrates, and 6 systems of fat and costs 50 cents. Mr. Smith feels that each day his dog should have actually at leastern 6 devices of protein, 4 devices of carbohydprices, and 12 units of fat. How many cans of each dog food should he provide to his dog each day to carry out the minimum requirements at the leastern cost? *Mr. Smith should give his dog ___ can(s) of brand A and ___ can(s) of brand B : 1.5 cans of brand A and 1.5 cans of brand B


Food A contains :

3 systems of protein , 1 unit of carbohydrates, 2 units of fat

price of food A = 80 cents

Food B consists of :

1 unit of protein , 1 unit of carbohydrates, 6 devices of fat

cost of food B = 50 cents

minimum ingredients forced in the dog food everyday

6 units of protein , 4 units of carbohydrates, 12 systems of fat

In order to achieve the minimum/leastern cost of 195 cent. Mr. smith need to give his dog 1.5 cans of Brand A and also 1.5 have the right to of brand also B

attached below is the in-depth solution


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