This is a commercial advertisement of 2016 Volvo XC90. This commercial to be released in June 2016 in unified States. Under the title of “2016 Volvo XC90: Wedding”.

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Experience the intelligent strength of the Volvo XC90’s pair Engine, which functions three settings – pure, hybrid, and power – all in one high-performance car.

It was done through Grey, new York declaring agency. And the advertisement by Production company is Iconoclast and is command by Niclas Larsson. Lyrics: speed mine because that you host my

The commercial song is “Every Time the sunlight Comes Up” through Sharon valve Etten. Because that those of you who favor this track “Every Time the sunlight Comes Up”, you can download it from Amazon or iTunes.

In addition, the main Youtube channel the Sharon van Etten offers the official music video of this song “Every Time the sun Comes Up”.

Twin Engine Plug-in Hybrid deluxe SUV 2016 Volvo XC90: Wedding Client: Volvo Geo: United says Released: June 2016 proclaiming Agency: Grey, new York Chief creative Officer: Andreas Dahlqvist Executive creative Director: Matt O’Rourke arts Director: Denise O’Bleness Copywriter: Walt Whitman manufacturing Company: Townhouse President: Bennett McCarroll director of combined Production: James McPherson Producer: Lauren Tuttman/Erik Iverson Assistant Producer: Jacob Herman Music Producer: Ben Dorenfeld Color: Nice shoes Colorist: chris Ryan manufacturing Company: Iconoclast Director: Niclas Larsson manager of Photography: Jeff Cronenweth Editor: Alvaro Del Val, UpperCut Sound Design: Dan Romer Composer: Alvaro Del Val / UpperCut major Talent: man Meyer Actor: Ron Jack Foley Music: Every Time the sun Comes up by Sharon van Etten

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M. Woolard July 13, 2016

I to be still curious as to who sang this little bit of the tune on the volvo commercial. V all early out respect and also with full understanding of electronics when it comes to voices, it sounds prefer a masculine voice through a greater pitch. I execute not know much about Ms. Van Etten or the “Wedding Song…Every Time the sunlight Comes Up” by her and again, I typical no disrespect due to the fact that as a previous singer myself, I had actually a broad range with my vocals, therefore either method the singer & the songwriter is really talented. Ns would similar to to be sure of who actually sang the piece provided in the 2016 X90 Volvo commercial, if the is possible. I give thanks to you for this opportunity and this site for what you perform for the community. Have an amazing day! Thanks.

Sharon august 18, 2016

Her surname is Sharon valve Etten. The native don’t carry out the music justice. I would love come buy the music there is no the words as she talks about taking a bowel motion in the song. If you google the song, ns came throughout a internet site that offered the words. The music renders you want to hold someone really one-of-a-kind close, dim the lights and also move sluggish on the dance floor.

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Peggy august 24, 2016

What is the an interpretation of the commercial. It looks to me the guy in the earlier seat wife died and also the others room his children. Looks together they room coming indigenous funeral.