When you begin a house theater, one of the biggest difficulties you have is one echo. Echo originates from different sources, creating annoying reverberations in the process. If you have a surround sound system, there are plenty of different means to solve such a problem.

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To solve echo indigenous a surround sound system, you should look at the potential sources. Speakers that are out of phase, TV audio to run parallel, facility channel issues, and a difficulty with your home theater itself can be a major cause. Come fix any of these issues need either rewiring, sound dampening, or adjusting speak positions.


Wiring is an essential part of surround sound. While it’s rarely for friend to gain echoes with bad wiring, it happens to some. If friend have poor cables and also even defective ones, you’ll likely obtain the problem.

There are just a few hard and also fast rules once wiring surround sound and also all types of audio equipment. Come many, wiring is a straightforward job that no need lot correction. For some newbies, however, having to handle a an excellent chunk the it deserve to be confusing.

The very first rule of audio wiring is to protect against the power cable from communicating with the audio and video cables. Power has the frequency that can develop interferences through the audio. This interference deserve to be anything, from part low-frequency humming come signal echo.

Many contemporary cables have actually electromagnetic shielding and are thick sufficient not to reason problems. If you’re enduring such one issue, it’s best to readjust the cables if you have spares. There’s likewise the an easy solution of doing appropriate wire monitoring for your audio equipment.

If you can, the best additionally to use three-wire signal cables rather of two-wire cables. Three-wire cables don’t suffer power hum and other interference and signal noise as much.

Another dominance is not to loop any antenna cables if you use them. While twin-lead cables are old-school and also are no in use these days, castle can cause heavy interference. They can create a major echo that will certainly be problem for her audio setup. If you have an old college setup the you use for your home theater system, make certain to relocate this wire away.

Understanding bad Audio Dampening

One that the most vital parts the owning a house theater is to use audio dampening actions for her room. Together we know, echoes have tendency to reflect off various surfaces, and also different surfaces produce different echoes. Knowing how to resolve such surfaces can help reduce the echo from your surround sound.

Harder, smoother products produce more distinct echo and also reverberations all around. Why?

When 2 mediums different a lot, sound reflection becomes an ext prominent because of the vibration. Hard materials choose concrete can’t be any much more different than air. That thick and nonporous, which reflects all the soundwaves rather of soaking up them. When this happens, you can acquire the exact same audio reflected through no loss of energy, leading to an echo.

Other products that create echo include:

Natural stone Tiles absent Asphalt Brick special hardwood Glass

When this is the case, over there are various ways to resolve the echo problem that girlfriend experience. Friend would require to resolve both walls, flooring, and also ceiling to cut down on any kind of echo. To perform so, you would need the proper setup.

Materials That produce Echoes

The simplest surfaces to attend to that produce an echo space floors. Floors do of tiles, natural stone, and also rock tend to create solid echoes and also reverbs. Such surfaces deserve to be a problem, and you have to break increase the echo as much as friend can.

When you attend to flooring, the most basic answer is to include some carpeting. Carpet is not only thick and also soft, but it’s likewise strong. Its loosened fibers deserve to absorb sounds easily, i m sorry cuts down a an excellent chunk of echo from her surround sound.

The hardest surfaces to attend to are walls, which can be troublesome. If you very own the home, it should not attitude too much of a problem. If you’re renting, however, it can be an issue.

Modifying the wall surfaces of her rental house too much have the right to be a reason of eviction. It’s likewise a severe waste of sources to install and also dismantle whatever when her tenancy finishes. We do have a equipment to both problems.

Solving residence Theater Room Echoes

If you very own the home, the simplest solution is to install acoustic foam panels. Acoustic foam is a thick, open-celled foam membrane the attenuates sound waves. By doing so, it division the mechanically nature that sound, absorbing it and dissipating the too.

Acoustic foam not only cuts down on the noise, however it also reduces a lot of echo waves. That is echo reduction capacity is exceptional to many materials. If you require something cheap and easy for your residence theater, you can likewise use carton egg crates. While carton egg crates don’t mute noise, it kills a great chunk the echo from the room.

Let’s assume the you’re renting, but you still desire a decent home theater and also surround sound. What have the right to you do?

If you have actually the resources, the easiest way is to buy acoustic blankets. Acoustic blankets room cheap and easy, and also at most, you would only need 4 come 6 that them. Lock come in different sizes and have grommets prepared for installation.

When possible, populate her room v furniture. Include cabinets, sofa, tables, and also lounges come the room to reduce the open space. The less open space you have, the much less the vibration you gain from your sound. Reduced down ~ above paintings and also portraits with glass on them, together they can include to the echo.

For windows, it’s critical to add curtains. Thicker curtains can muffle soundwaves and also kill off echo. You want to make sure to cover window panes to cut on the echo.


The echo from your surround sound can come from plenty of different sources. It deserve to be anything from an out of step speaker, poor wiring, or even inferior room acoustics. If it is the case, there are quick solutions to each one.

With surround sound, you have to resolve the echo as shortly as possible. Not only does echo minimize your level of immersion, but it also dampens the plan experience. It’s finest to invest in echo reduction choices to gain the ideal sound quality.

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Are you functioning to enhance on her surround sound? We understand these options can aid you handle any kind of issue friend experience. Shot them yourself and also we’re sure you’ll find a means to manage them.