Not everyone seemed to it is in pleased v Meryl Streep’s Golden Globes speech on Sunday, January 8. Due to the fact that the star-studded event, a photo of Mel Gibson and Vince Vaughn the town hall the actress indigenous the audience with less-than-impressed expressions has actually gone viral. Watch her speech in the video above.


Mel Gibson and also Vince Vaughn throughout the 74th Annual gold Globe Awards in 2017.

In the pic, Gibson, 61, and also Vaughn, 46, watch stone-faced during Streep’s speech, which she used to slam President-elect Donald trump while accepting the Cecil B. DeMille Award.

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Some viewers joked around Gibson and also Vaughn’s reaction while rather sympathized. “Sorry, yet the reactions from #VinceVaughn and also #MelGibson during #MerylStreep speech at the #GoldenGlobes provides me laugh,” one commenter tweeted.


Meryl Streep accepts Cecil B. DeMille Award during the 74th Annual gold Globe Awards in 2017. Paul Drinkwater/NBCUniversal via Getty Images

A second wrote: “I’m through these two. #melgibson #vincevaughn.”

Gibson and Vaughn room both famous conservatives in mostly liberal Hollywood. Back in 2013, Vaughn opened up around his political views throughout The Adam Carolla Show. “I think the what friend come, as you gain older, girlfriend just get less to trust in the federal government running anything,” he said at the time. “…When girlfriend start illustration the lines of saying, as a society, we think this is inappropriate, we’re going to pass laws to safeguard them native themselves and or take points away to safeguard themselves or move money from below to there, that you realize that you wake up up v corruption and also without the unintended consequences you’ll wake up up with a lot of difficulties that no exist prior.” He likewise reportedly considers self a libertarian.

In November, however, Gibson said throughout America v Jorge Ramos that talk of “building walls” is “nonsensical.” Furthermore, he didn’t get in detail about voting because that either trumped or Hillary Clinton.

As formerly reported, Streep, 67, dubbed out Trump for mocking a disabled brand-new York time reporter in 2015. Trumped fired ago by tweeting the three-time Oscar winner Streep to be “one the the most overrated actresses in Hollywood.”

Many stars have praised Streep for her remarks — including George Clooney. The actor, 55, spoke to united state Weekly around the drama in ~ a London event for The White Helmets ~ above Monday.

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“I think he stated she’s overrated? Well, I’ve always said that around Meryl. She one of, if not the most, overrated actress of every time,” the joked, including of Trump: “But seriously, no you supposed to be running the country?”

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