On Tuesday’s an excellent Morning America, Vin Diesel addressed his recent experience v body shaming.

Earlier this week the gibbs Instagrammed a photo of his abs, after civilization on the net commented ~ above his “dad bod” in a photo of him do not wear shirts on a balcony. ~ above Good Morning America, Vin Diesel stated his recent role in The critical Witch-Hunter connected less time at the gym than few of his various other roles.

“The director retained saying, friend know, there’s no Gold’s Gym in the 13thcentury,” said Diesel. As for the criticism he obtained for his “softer” physique in the balcony photo, the actor claimed that when he think it’s not correct to body shame, he have the right to take it.

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“Honestly, ns would quite it concerned me 보다 somebody else,” that said. “I can take it.”

The pic indigenous yesterday… because that those who wanted the show… For every the angels that love dad bod regardless… ns will write-up an exclusive video clip on mine Facebook when I am excellent with push today. #LastWitchHunter #HappyCreative

A photo posted through Vin Diesel (

He included that he started working out together a teenager as soon as he to be a bouncer in NYC. “Idon’t care, really,” that said when asked about the insults he got online. “I’m no trying to it is in in super shape all of the time. I’m trying to grasp my craft of making films.”

“I carry out think it’s wrong to body shame,” he continued. “Trolls top top the web — there space all type of atrocities they commit ~ above the Internet.”




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