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Gamer. Fantasy reader. Comic book fan. Sci-Fi enthusiast. Anime lover. Whatever before your passion, we"ll architecture your tradition ring to reflect who you are and also what you love.

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Inspired by Nenya, an elvish ring of power worn by Galadriel in the Lord of the Rings, this engagement ring sets a white opal under yellow gold flower detail to blfinish her love for the trilogy and for the distinctive look of opal.

A Star Wars-lovers wedding band attributes a balance of light and also dark via the symbols for the Galactic Republic and also the Galactic Realm flanked by gemstone-lit lightsabers.

This snitch engagement ring sets a bbest yellow sapphire as the facility rock in the Harry Potter fan"s dream ring.

For his wedding band, she sketched a idea that would certainly blend Celtic rope detail through the Batmale logo design. The complex, distinct engraving traces the familiar bat symbol through a uniquely Celtic trinity rope design.

A Pokemon fan"s wonderfully whimsical principle functions yellow gold Pikachus dashing up the white gold engagement ring shank towards a bright oselection citrine center stone.
The fragile, vining platinum strands of this Harry Potter-motivated engagement ring balance the bold ring face, the symbol of the deathly hpermits bordering a bideal, round brilliant diamond center stone.
Elegant curves and bright gem colors make this a stunning engagement ring, however it"s the stylized blfinishing of the Spiritual Stones from Legend of Zelda (Goron"s Ruby, Kokiri"s Emerald, Zora"s Sapphire) that adds a coherent touch to this item.
This sapphire engagement ring shows up to have actually a distinct design on the shoulders. At initially glance, it could be a contemporary take on art deco geomeattempt. A closer look reveals the recommendation to Dr. Who"s TARDIS.
Motivated by the cuff bracelets worn on Viqueens, this intricately engraved babsence onyx wedding band is designed to look like viking horns wrapped around the finger.
Elegant bridal collection and also a corresponding wedding band also for him, styled in yellow gold through Egyptian-motivated detailing. The chosen gem colors are based upon the infinity stones in Marvel"s Infinity Gauntlet.
This Stargate wedding band is bold and also masculine and could look simply a little tech-y until you watch the telltale chevrons on the side. This bit Stargate never opens... or else we all recognize what would certainly take place to his finger!
What deserve to we say? It"s a predator ring! A enormous, comprehensive, and also potentially child-frightening predator ring! And if the youngsters aren"t scared yet, a glint of light showing off its yellow diamond eyes have to send them scurrying.
This piece was inspired by Howl"s Moving Castle. The challenge: finding the perfect blue cabochon. We set out in search of a sapphire and also wound up via this perfect skies blue topaz -- in these photos, the bright, reflective blue nearly glows like the animated ring.
Designed for a womale who loves music and anime, this bold amethyst engagement ring attributes an alto clef and the develop of Totoro in the side profile.

Talk About It

Discuss architecture ideas, choices, budobtain, through your jewelry consultant - your overview to the practice suffer.

See It Come To Life

Visualize your item through high resolution 3D renderings, and also we"ll readjust eincredibly detail until you tell us it"s perfect.

Treasure It

Receive your tradition item, via the assurance it"s been made to wear and last a lifetime.

Dedicated Service

You"ll companion with one of our jewelry style consultants, who will describe your alternatives, help you occupational out design details, and guide you with each step of creating a practice geeky ring.

Personalized Design

Our artists and also designers create sketches and thorough 3D renderings for you, so you"ll watch simply exactly how your ring will look once it"s finished. We"ll job-related via you on eexceptionally detail till you say it looks specifically ideal.


Our architecture team, artists, and knowledgeable jewelers will certainly manage your job with the utthe majority of skill, care, and also knowledge. And we can simply geek out a little bit with you.

Fantasy Rings For Fantasy Lovers

Elvish runes from Lord of the Rings or wand engravings from Harry Potter. Make your ring personal via aspects from your favorite fantasy cosmos.

Retrieved from the depths of the fiery pits of Mordor, we uncovered that the One Ring had actually lost its original engraving, so we replaced it with this individual Elvish inscription. Good as brand-new.
A beautiful, modern bezel setting for a deep blue sapphire, through the symbol of the deathly henables developing the change to the band.
An elegant interpretation of the snitch from Harry Potter making use of angelic wings around the center stone.
Drawing catalyst from Lord of the Rings" Nenya, this style surdeals with the facility rock for a more standard setting, and also downplays the nature-inspired elements in favor of a yellow gold star roughly the diamond.
A wonderful mixed metal engagement ring influenced by Harry Potter. A beautiful take on a break-up shank and also peekaboo diamonds designed to look choose a snitch, and also white gold wand also carvings along the shank.
This geometric, modern-day man"s wedding band also sets a bright blue spinel in an asymmetric split white gold ring via the words "The Blessed One" engraved in Quenya, the high elvish dialect from Lord of the Rings.
Bruburned white gold for a subtle look pairing the deathly hpermits symbol with a uniquely stylized double band.
This gorgeous 3 stone engagement ring features an emerald-reduced facility rock and radiant reduced ruby side stones, gems chosen as a subtle nod to the home colors of Gryffindor.
White gold wedding band also designed to echo the details of Gimli"s helmet from the Lord of the Rings trilogy.
Another subtle play on Harry Potter symbolism, the triangle reduced diamond is a subtle nod to the deathly hpermits symbol and the ruby halo brings in Gryffindor red for a beautiful pop of color.
The sides of this ring mimic Arwen"s Evenstar pendant, via pear cut white topaz as the bappropriate light at the heart of the film-influenced charm and a stunning color change alexandrite facility stone.
The intertwined strands of this vulnerable wedding band pair Harry Potter-inspired wand also carvings with diamond pave.
A beautiful blending of personal aspects. This claddagh ring replaces the conventional crown with a winged tiara motivated by Rowena Ravenclaw"s Diadem. We"re pretty sure this one is cost-free from Horcrux corruption.
The princess reduced moissanite center stone in this engagement ring is set upside down to look even even more favor the resurrection stone from Harry Potter.
Sketches for a Slytherin ring with a babsence diamond bezel set in the head of the snake, and also Snape"s wand also detailing etched in the band. This was designed for a hairdresser, so the gem is set low and without prongs to encertain simple day-to-day wear.
Opting for a funky, alternate interpretation of the snitch, this ring offers tiny accent diamonds and opals to decorate the combined metal Potter-motivated design.
Her vining, breakable, morganite engagement ring is paired via a bold matching band also whose elegant curves attract inspiration from Arwen"s jewelry in the Lord of the Rings films.
Sketches for a Harry Potter fan"s dream ring: yellow facility stone in an intricately thorough snitch establishing.
We had to dig deep for the perfect royal topaz that would have the appropriate shade of Hufflepuff yellow to enhance the house crests on the shoulders and the badger"s paws holding the center stone.

Gems for Gamers

If you prospered up with Pokemon or host a special place in your heart for Zelda, why not bring a bit of those coherent memories through you in the ring you"ll wear every day?

The sides of this red garnet engagement ring are designed to look prefer the mass relays from Mass Effect, through Alexandrite standing in for the blue glow of element zero in the core of each relay.
A bridal collection for her and corresponding wedding ring for him through vintage-influenced styling. But look closer: the colors are drawn from N7 armor in Mass Effect -- red (garnet), black (diamond) and grey (white gold) -- and the Spectre and also Archangel symbols are featured on the rings.
Triangle trends repeat, evolving from a single triangle through the Zelda tripressure symbol to a Sierpinski triangle, a fractal developed from separating a triangle even more and additionally.
She designed his wedding ring as an homage to all the games they"ve loved and also shared: the "stage" is a perfect side-scroller Super Mario terrain via Terraria trees, Ghast from Minecraft, and also even more.
To rebrand-new their vows, he acquired her a brand-new ring, designed based on their common love of Warcraft. In honor of her class, the look is based on the Destruction Warlock"s artitruth, the Burning Jewel of Sargeras.
For his wedding band also, he wanted to include the many type of video games that tell his story: Castlevania, Fallout, Zelda, Assassin"s Creed, MegaMan, Borderlands, Elder Scrolls. A spin via the many kind of game memories in his life.
A swiss blue topaz brings the characteristic blue to this ring inspired by the game Heroes of the Storm.
Matching Pokeround wedding bands in mixed gold hues. Due to the fact that the couple that Pokemons together remains together.
His wedding ring is designed via a deeply engraved Zelda Wingcrest in the wide, flat confront of the band.
Using a mix of white and also yellow gold, the angular wings in this sapphire engagement ring capture the significance of Mercy"s wings from the game Overwatch.
We functioned through him to style this Moissanite engagement ring through styling drawn from facets of Kingdom Hearts.
To honor her love of Pokemon, he asked us to style a Mega Charizard bridal collection. We provided sapphire and london blue topaz to capture the shades of his blue flame in a bold, sculptural engagement ring, and also paired it with a really delicate curved wedding band.
Sketches for a bridal collection. The engagement ring is stycaused look favor the Oblivion Blade from Kingdom Hearts. The equivalent band also draws its incentive from Tidus" sword in Final Fantasy.
This Mass Effect-influenced ring brings together features of the Spectre and Paragon icons through a blue sapphire facility rock. And a stippled textured on the band attracted from the textured carbon of the game"s armor.
Matching wedding bands designed through Zelda"s Twilight Princess as their incentive. Angular hieroglyph trends surround the tripressure, via yellow and also blue sapphires highlighting the details.
In place of a standard facility rock, this ring sets the Companion Cube from Portal, accented through pink heart-reduced gems.
Map out for a Zelda-influenced ring, structure on this customer"s wonderful concept drawing to function the Spiritual Stones, accented with yellow, green, red and blue gems.
The pairing of a yellow-ovariety citrine center rock and aquamarine peekaboo gems is unintended and sindicate beautiful. The ring"s Pokemon inspiration is lugged in by Charmander"s footprints developing the detailing on the side of the band also.
She asked us to produce a Metroid-motivated ring for her fiancé"s wedding band also. We offered 3 rubies, green enamel, and also a textured end up for the style.

Design Your Superhero"s Power Ring

Your ring deserves an origin story worthy of the comics and superheroes you love.

No lesser wedding band will do for the superguy in your life. This one initially designed in green to enhance an emerald ring, however eventually the timeless red felt even more best.
Designed to blfinish her love of games and comics, the center setting in this engagement ring is designed via a pink and and black diamond Harley Quinn pattern and also NES controllers bordering the center stone.
Bringing together all the colors of Thanos" Infinity Gauntlet, this hammered yellow gold wedding ring attributes emerald, ruby, yellow and also blue sapphire, alexandrite, citrine, and diamond. Now that she has all the Infinity Stones, I"m afraid we can not guarantee her omnipotence.
Wedding bands via the signs of their favorite comic book characters: Babsence Canary for her, Environment-friendly Arrow for him. It was intended to be.
This signet-style ring is the perfect method to showinstance the Flash logo on his wedding ring. A distinct wedding ring with an extremely acquainted symbol.
One of our favorite class ring deindications. Why not celebprice your heroic academic achievement with a symbol that truly reflects just how a lot of a Supermale you are.
A DC Comics fans dream wedding ring. Each hero"s symbol is accented with a gem: yellow sapphire for Black Canary and also Robin, aquamarine for Nightwing, ruby for Wonder Womale and also Flash, emerald for Green Arrow, amethyst for Huntress, onyx for Batguy.
His wedding band also is motivated by the Legion of Superheroes, featuring signs for the Environment-friendly Lantern and Flash.
A beautiful white gold and also amethyst engagement ring brings in an individual element through the acquainted bat symbol silhouette behind the purple gems.
Inspired by their mutual love for Spider-Man, this ring sets ruby and also london blue topaz for his familiar spidey suit, and also windows strands of white gold internet roughly the size of the shank.
The beautiful princess cut diamond cluster in this lattice setting is an homage to the crossed clegislations of Wolverine.
As a fun touch for their youngsters, she asked us to incorporate Hulk"s fist on his wide, masculine, white gold wedding ring. We"re guessing they do not desire to check out him once he"s angry.
She asked us to style her ring after the red star and also metallic arm of the Winter Soldier from Captain America.

These Are the Sci-Fi Rings You"re Looking For

We will not wade in to the Star Wars vs. Star Trek dispute. We"ll happily design your ring with aspects from whichever before suggests most to you.

The perfect amethyst engagement ring for a lover of the Rebel Alliance. Elegant, feminine, and also wondertotally nerdy.
A beautiful diamond center stone flanked by Star Trek"s USS Enterpincrease (NCC-1701-D, to be precise) via sapphire and also diamond accents.
His and also hers wedding bands via garnet and swiss blue topaz giving the light for each lightsaber in these Star Wars-motivated rings.
A sculptural interpretation of Kylo Ren"s lightsaber handle via his August birthstone, peridot, serving as the lightsaber"s plasma blade.
An absolutely stunning sapphire and white gold engagement ring incorporates the Millennium Falcon and the Rebel Alliance symbol to stop to their background as Star Wars fans.
The template she wanted for her ring: the dark side. Kylo Ren"s helmet and also the Galactic Empire symbol surround a black onyx center stone. The dark side is beautiful.
For a Doctor Who fan, we designed this ring"s band to look favor a sonic screwdriver gripping an emerald facility rock.
Matching lightsaber rings for a themed wedding, the begin of a life time of balance between her light side and his dark side.
Do you review Aurebesh? We do not either, but we"re told that the engraving we placed on this wedding ring reads "might the pressure be with you" in the creating mechanism offered by many kind of in the Star Wars world.
His wedding band incorpoprices the Death Star and Sith symbols. Diamond accents encertain the fatality stars" superlasers don"t go off by accident.
This Time Lord"s signet-style wedding ring attributes a stylized Gallifreyan message she assisted him architecture to honor a married lifetime of Doctor Who fandom.

Normally, your custom item will certainly be in your hands 2-3 weeks after we"ve finalized your architecture. However before, bereason each job is different, the moment it takes to complete your job may differ. Here"s a rough breakdvery own of how lengthy each component of our procedure takes:

Design: As lengthy as it takes for you to tell us it"s perfect

When it involves developing your design, we"ll work-related at your pace. Some customers just have to exadjust a few messeras with us - we"ll frequently be prepared to make their item within a couple of days. Others might choose to design and also iterate through us over many weeks, or even months.

Production: Approximately 2 weeks

Once you"ve apconfirmed a style, we"ll manufacture your item, finishing all the details by hand. When it"s prepared, we"ll send you photographs of your finished piece so you can provide us your seal of approval before we ship it to you.

Shipping: 1-3 days (domestic), Approximately 1 week (international)

We sell complimentary shipping within the US using FedEx or USPS, and we ship global packeras by means of DHL Worldwide Expush, among the fastest services accessible. Depending on area, worldwide shipments deserve to occasionally be delayed by neighborhood custom-mades for inspection, which deserve to extend the shipment time.

In general, our practice rings are the same price as similar rings off-the-shelf ("similar" definition a comparable selection of metals and also gemstones supplied, which are the greatest components in price). Our aim is to make high-top quality custom designs accessible to everyone.

Each ring we create starts off as a brand new concept. Since of that, it’s difficult to understand how a lot a item is going to expense without learning a little bit even more around the idea you have in mind. The most basic method to number out just how a lot your ring will certainly expense is to begin a consultation via us and let our team understand what you"re trying to find - we have the right to carry out an estimate with only a few details.

There"s no charge to comment on your architecture, and price out options through our team. In many kind of situations, our jewelry developers will also produce artistic sketches of our style concepts for your item. We request a deposit prior to creating 3D models and renderings of your design and that deposit goes toward the final expense of developing your piece.

Unlike most jewelers, we don"t keep a large inventory of gems. Because every item we make is custom, we like to source each rock individually, to suit the design and also the certain demands of each customer.

Just like the rest of our style process, our team will overview you through the gem selection process. We begin by figuring out what"s essential to you in a gemrock, whether it"s budacquire, origin, size, shade, or ssuggest the overall look. With that in mind, we research study and prepare a set of options that we think would work-related for you. Some come from our curated arsenal, others from a netjob-related of trusted providers, and also in some situations, we may opt to have an skilled lapidary custom reduced your gem. You"ll make the last decision on the alternative that best meets your requirements, and also we"ll make sure you have whatever you must make the ideal choice.

Our major goal through gemstones is transparency. The facility stone is a critical part of the look of your ring and it can be a large financial decision. Trust is developed on hocolony interaction, so we work tough to provide you all the information you need to make a confident option.

We stand behind our jewelry 100% and we sell a substantial set of warranties so that you deserve to purchase via confidence.

Lifetime Manufacturer Warranty

We guarantee our workmanship and also take responsibility for any kind of structural defects.

Certificate of Authenticity

All the materials (metals, diamonds, and gemstones) we market are authentic and also effectively stated in your proposal agreement.

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Accent Stone Loss Warranty

If any small accent gems (Read even more around our warranties.