4x²-5x+8 = 0 is general type of quadratic equation, whereby a = 4, b = -5 and also c= 8.

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x = (-b±√b²-4ac) / 2a is quadratic formula.

Putting offered values in over equation, we have

x = (-(-5)±√(-5)²-4(4)(8) ) / 2(4)

x = (5±√24-128) / 8

x = (5±√-103) / 8

x = (5±√103√-1) / 8 ∴√-1 = i

x = (5±√103i) / 8 i beg your pardon is the carolannpeacock.com.

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Looks favor 74, 74 or 73
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A cyclist rides his bike at 12 miles every hour. What is this speed per minute? How countless miles will certainly the cyclist take trip in 20 minut
grandymaker <24>


In stimulate to discover the street traveled in one minute, you have to divide the street he can ride his cycle in one hour by the variety of minutes in a hour. 6/60= .1 mile every minute. If he rides his cycle for 5 minutes, climate you would certainly multiply the variety of minutes biked by the street traveled in a minute. .1*5=.5 mile, or


Step-by-step explanation:

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Is the duty g(x)=-x^2 a translation,compression, stretch, or reflection of the parent function, f(x)=x^2
Shtirlitz <24>
Reflection, a -x with be the opposite of x therefore it’s a reflection over the x axis
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Please help What worth of x is in the solution collection of 8x-6>12+2x? O-1 O0 O3 O5



General Formulas and Concepts:


Order that Operations: BPEMDAS

BracketsParenthesisExponentsMultiplicationDivisionAdditionSubtractionLeft to Right

Algebra I

Equality Properties

Step-by-step explanation:

Step 1: Define

8x - 6 > 12 + 2x

Step 2: fix for x

Subtract 2x on both sides: 6x - 6 > 12Add 6 come both sides: 6x > 18Divide 6 top top both sides: x > 3

Here we watch that any type of value x higher than 3 would occupational as a systems to the inequality.

Out the the carolannpeacock.com choices, 5 is the only number better than 3.

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Sorry if its hard to see...
frozen <14>


its 13 if i observed the numbers right

Step-by-step explanation:

evaluate climate you get the listed below




divide and also get;


remove parentheses and divide


multiply and get




remove "()"

and you gain 13

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