The function is here. This electric scooter is the ultimate among the riders. It has actually some magnificent functions with its outstanding futuristic design. Top top the an initial sight, anyone would love to have actually it. Here, in this URB-E black color label electrical folding scooter reviews, i will describe this scooter.

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URB-E black color Label urgent Scooter evaluate


This scooter has a clever motor to offer the perfect rate to the riders. Girlfriend can acquire speed within simply a couple of seconds. You deserve to ride the scooter through the 15MPH rate with comfort.


The rechargeable battery is long lasting. That takes just 4 hrs to get the complete charge. You can ride an ext than 20 miles v a single charge of this battery.


The genuine filling the riding a bike come true as soon as it has a comfortable speed. Advanced sports track controller delivers powerful acceleration and torque. This scooter has actually 15MPH speed which is perfect because that all species of riders to cover any type of kind the distance.

Brakes and wheels

The hand activate brake and also the huge and sturdy wheels administer the compelled safety the the riders. You deserve to ride the safely and smoothly at any place.

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Benefits of URB-E black Label

There are lots of benefits of this scooter if friend buy this.

Durable body through aluminum constructionFuturistic design with high-tech engineeringHandbrake for better safetyPowerful acceleration15MPH speedRechargeable battery charges in ~ 4 hoursCharges mobile or tablet35 lbs weight300 lbs weight capacityEasy folding for carrying and also storeSoft seatEasy to handle