March 9, 2016 by TessaApply Now!, Tohdoh, us 4 CommentsPost 20 whoop

Hey males been a while hasn’t it? Yeah we got back from a Deadmau5 concert. It was… loud. Thankfully Tohdoh had the ability to drive the van even in the state he remained in – although us knocked over even much more road guards than usual.

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Anywho, after we recovered the Dark Knights came and also knocked our hill over. Tohdoh was outside gardening and said that the Britannians to be there together well, and that that chased them all off – but there’s no real evidence of that, other than some big scratches ~ above his Knightmare. (I reckon it to be the bears.)

Don’t also ask why Tohdoh provides his Knightmare to water the grass.

Talking of Knightmares, I’ve to be helping Chiba (Holy Sword and also close friend) v her Knightmare maintenance – they are a pains in the ass come clean, allow me phone call y’all that! They’re large and obtain dirty therefore easily. It’s really gross.

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So this is Chiba, she’s cool. Back she hates her Knightmare uniform – it’s glowing YELLOW. Disgusting.

They’re so cool