It looks prefer you are absent including the IOBluetooth.framework in your project. Friend can include it by:

Clicking on your project in the top left that the left pane (the blue icon).

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In the middle pane, click the develop Phases tab.

Under "Link Binary through Libraries", click on the to add button.

Find the IOBluetooth.framework indigenous the list and hit Add.



This will make sure that the IOBluetooth.framework interpretations are uncovered by the linker. You deserve to see the the framework is a member of your target by clicking the structure in the left pane and seeing the framework"s target member in the ideal pane (note I"ve moved the structure under the Frameworks team for company purposes):



Apple requires to usage arm64 architecture. Perform not use x32 libraries in her project

So the answer below is no correct anymore!

Old answer

The brand-new Xcode 5.1 sets the design armv7,armv7s,and arm64 together default.

And occasionally the error "build fail “Undefined signs for architecture x86_64”" may be resulted in by this. Because, some libs (not Apple"s) were compiled for x32 originally and doesn"t assistance x64.

So what you need, is to adjust the "Architectures" because that your job target like this


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If you"re utilizing Cocoapods - you have to do the same for "Pods" target.


Undefined icons for architecture x86_64: "_OBJC_CLASS_$_xxx", referenced from: objc-class-ref in yyy.o

This normally means, you space calling "xxx" (it might be a framework or class) indigenous the class "yyy". The compiler deserve to not find the "xxx" therefore this error occurs.

You need to add the absent files(in this case "xxx") by right click on your task folder in navigator home window and tap top top "Add documents to "YourProjectName"" option.

A popup window will open up your project papers in Finder. There, you can see the lacking files and just include them to her project. Don"t forget to inspect the "Copy item if needed" box. Great luck!!

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