I am trying to download the Hadoop swarm on Cloud however when I operation daemons the getting below error through the snapshot.

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Warning: unable to load aboriginal Hadoop library for your platform


Full error:

Warn util.NativeCodeLoader: can not to load aboriginal Hadoop library for your platform... Utilizing builtin java classes wherein applicable

What is Hadoop aboriginal Libraries?

Basically, Hadoop aboriginal library way the implementation of certain components for performance for the non-availability of Java implementation. The implementation materials are easily accessible in a single, dynamically-linked aboriginal library. That is referred to as “Hadoop aboriginal Library”.

Solution 1:

I included below two setting variables in Hadoop-env.sh

export HADOOP_OPTS = "$HADOOP_OPTS"-Djava.library.path = /usr/local/hadoop/libexport HADOOP_COMMON_LIB_NATIVE_DIR = "/usr/local/hadoop/lib/native"In situation the above commands room not working properly try this below one :

export HADOOP_OPTS = "$HADOOP_OPTS"-Djava.library.path = "$HADOOP_HOME/lib/native"

Solution 2:

Sometimes this kind of warnings belonging to version compatible issues. In situation the below document in the Hadoop library path then update it the library file.

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$HADOOP_HOME/lib/native/libhadoop.so.1.0.0Summary: The above resolutions space very basic to solve this error: “unable come load aboriginal Hadoop library for your platform… utilizing builtin java classes wherein applicable”. It might cayuse variation issue, because that example, I set up Hadoop 2..x version on height of the Java 1.7 version. After ~ that, ns updated my Java 1.7 to 1.8 version yet my Hadoop is still the previous version so at the time I confronted this kind of warning. This type of warning not a huge problem however showing while running, MapReduce, Hive and also Spark tasks on the Hadoop cluster. Most of the moment this waring showing in edge node server at the moment daemons running. In a single-node Hadoop cluster this warning, no a problem. In Development, Production setting nodes it might be brought about to execution work take much more time. So try to solve the problem using the over two resolution, just update the Hadoop aboriginal library files in the Hadoop directory.

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