Yesterday ns checked v Uber to check out what a 2.5 mile trip would cost and also the lowest ride cost offered was $23.45. Climate I checked Lyft and the very same ride was just under $13. The course, i took the Lyft ride, yet I couldn't think the difference in price for the exact same ride, the exact same distance, very same time that day, etc.

Also, through Uber, and also probably Lyft, not getting here these job (as many have written; hasn't occurred to me though) aren't they involved that human being will return to using continuous taxis? include not getting here to the increased fares, don't castle think that human being will placed two-and-two together and simply offer up on them?


Depends on how many drivers are easily accessible in each. There’s been times where Uber was cheaper because that me actually.

As a driver for both, they every have whatever mystical BS