Do friend think around driving for rideshare programs favor Uber or Lyft in her spare time? maybe you are also considering law it full time to replace your boring office job. Many civilization find it appeal to collection their own schedules and work on their terms, yet they need to understand if the pay is precious it.

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How much do Uber and also Lyft chauffeurs make in Los Angeles?

Uber and Lyft drivers can knife a real earnings working in Los Angeles. The much more hours girlfriend work, the much more likely you room to knife a sustainable income. Plenty of potential transforms on the horizon can make rideshare control a more lucrative position in this city.

Hours every WeekAverage yearly Salary
20 hours$12,480 – $26,000
40 hours$33,280 – $52,000
60 hours$46,800 – $93,600

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Do Lyft or Uber drivers Earn an ext in Los Angeles?


How stable Is the income for Uber/Lyft chauffeurs in Los Angeles?

Many would-be drivers uncover that the capacity to collection their schedule and also earn part extra money ~ above the side is appealing. They would certainly love to it is in a part of the rideshare community, yet they desire some reassurances that the income they earn will be stable. Unfortunately, there are no assures in this regard, but adjust is top top the horizon.

Historically, Uber and Lyft chauffeurs in Los Angeles have actually earned varied rates that occasionally made it daunting to do ends meet. The price they to be paid because that completing a ride may not have also covered the expenses for fuel and also maintenance on your vehicle.

In October that this year, lawmakers lastly approved a examine that would examine whether it might be feasible to collection a healthy $30 minimum wage for chauffeurs who occupational for prominent rideshare companies.

They argue that drivers should have actually $15 every hour for wear and also tear on their car and $15 every hour in take-home pay.

Considering the the national median for Uber motorists is under $12 every hour, this is a step in the best direction.

Do Lyft or Uber chauffeurs Earn an ext in Los Angeles?

If you want to journey in Los Angeles, room you better off driving because that Uber or Lyft? Many human being opt to journey for both suppliers simultaneously to increase their odds of continuing to be busy. However, that is still essential to study which company will assist you to earn more money in the long run.

Fees and Commission

Both companies execute take a commission based upon the cost of the fare for each ride girlfriend accept. Uber takes the greater fee at 25 percent, however Lyft is not much behind at 20 percent. They additionally take a booking fees whenever a passenger schedule a ride.

Uber rates typically variety from $1.85 come $2.45, while Lyft collection $1 to $2.

Drivers never ever see a cent of one of two people of these two fees.

Discounts and also Rewards

Uber and also Lyft additionally have rewards program for their drivers. Uber uses a referral bonus because that each new driver that starts using the platform using your link. They likewise offer enhanced rates for functioning in “boosted” areas and also for completing a specific variety of trips in ~ a particular window that time.

Lyft provides bonuses to motorists in the type of rewards. The an ext you drive, the an ext points you knife to put toward things like roadside assistance, discounts on cell phone plans, and also fuel rewards points.


Keep in mind the both communication do enable riders to tip their drivers. Vehicle drivers are allowed to store the full tip amount there is no sacrificing any type of of the money come Uber and Lyft. In between the two platforms, riders often tend to be an ext apt to pointer with Lyft due to the fact that Uber offered to discourage tipping that drivers.

Some drivers claim that lock make an ext money functioning for Uber because it is the much more popular platform.

More riders often tend to usage Uber, which leader to rise in need for drivers. The much more passengers you deserve to secure in her backseat, the much more money you space bound come make through these rideshare platforms.

There is no easy method to determine whether you will certainly make much more money functioning for Uber or Lyft. These are simply a couple of things the you may want to save in mind while making your final decision.

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How lot do you Earn every Mile in the Los Angeles Area?

Many motorists were outraged earlier this year at the significant change in pricing every mile for the well-known rideshare communication Uber. They currently felt that they were not earning sufficient to make a decent living native driving around town all day, however the cut in rates only added fuel come the fire.

Drivers in Los Angeles previously made around $0.80 every mile with Uber. Under the new pay structure, they receive simply $0.60 per mile because that the straightforward Uber service.

The Lyft rates are a bit much more generous for drivers. They are contained in the chart below:

Lyft ServicePay price Per Mile
Lyft Plus$1.61
Lyft Line$1.06
LUX SUV$4.31

Is the Rideshare an are in Los Angeles (Too) Crowded?

If you have actually lived in Los Angeles for any kind of time, you already know how congested the streets deserve to be during prime commute hours. There room too numerous cars ~ above the road, and traffic can often be backed up for hours. Unfortunately, the number of rideshare vehicle drivers out setravel the roads just adds to the traffic.

There is no shortage of drivers for rideshare programs in Los Angeles.

Many civilization would argue that there space too countless drivers and that some borders should be placed. Drivers hover roughly popular pick-up locations like the LAX airport and also create fairly a couple of complications because that others. V as many drivers together there are, the rideshare space in Los Angeles is quickly ending up being too crowded.

What are the Best-Paid time To journey In Los Angeles?

Los Angeles might be a prestigious area to live in, but it is very comparable to most other parts of the nation when it pertains to the best-paid times to drive. Drivers should try to do themselves available during the busiest times of day if they want to view the greatest rates and keep their backseat complete of passengers.

Weekday mornings and also evenings are constantly a popular time slot since of the long commute to and from work.

In the mornings, friend should setup to drive from around 6:30 to be to 9:30 AM. Evening commute hrs are a little bit longer, ranging from 4:30 pm to 8:00 PM.

If you job-related a permanent job and driving is your side hustle, weekends room still a significant source of activity for drivers. Weekend mornings and afternoons between the hrs of 10:00 AM and 2:00 pm are consistently busy. Night owls will love driving about Los Angeles after dark with renowned evening hrs ranging from 6:00 afternoon to 8:00 PM and then again in between 10:00 PM and also 3:00 AM.

What space the best Pickup point out in Los Angeles?

Los Angeles is a liven city wherein something is always going on. Together a result, vehicle drivers can typically find occupational no matter what part of city they take place to live or work in. However, you could find you yourself overrun with job-related if you space smart around where you choose to park her vehicle. These 6 cities tend to be the busiest locations for ridesharing in Los Angeles:

Beverly HillsDowntownHollywoodSanta MonicaWest HollywoodWestwood

LAX is likewise a really popular destination in Los Angeles, yet the wait time because that pickups is regularly long.

Most experienced chauffeurs will fall passengers off at the airport, but they don’t hang about the parking lot waiting for new rides.

Are There any California-specific rule to Be aware Of?

Both Uber and also Lyft have a collection of general guidelines, but added rules use based on her city and also state ordinances. California has its own collection of guidelines collection by the California windy Utilities board of directors (CPUC) that drivers must monitor to stay in great standing.

First, all vehicle drivers are compelled to comply v an yearly background check.

Second, lock must display screen a vehicle decal ~ above the car while they room working. There must be one decal top top the passenger next of the former windshield and one ~ above the rear passenger windshield. Without the decals properly displayed, you might be dealing with a ticket and also fines as much as $1,000.

Last yet not least, all transportation Network firm (TNC) vehicles are forced to complete a 19-point inspection annually or every 50,000 miles (whichever come first).

The 50,000 miles include miles thrust for ridesharing and an individual use combined.

For Los Angeles Lyft drivers, various other rules may apply. All vehicles in Los Angeles have to be a 2006 version or newer. Drivers must also be 21 or over, vice versa, they have to be 25 in some other parts the the state.

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Final Thoughts

Driving for Uber and Lyft has the potential come be lucrative for vehicle drivers who are smart around when and where they pick to drive. Prior to you authorize up because that this form of work, you have to start strategizing if you want to maximize your earnings.