If you’ve to be driving roughly much lately, you might have noticed the Uber has actually been posting up at gas stations throughout the nation trying to recruit new drivers. Friend may have seen indications like the one above that says ‘free gas’ or you may have even been solicited to become a new driver.

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Rideshare chauffeurs are already familiar v Uber’s referral bonuses aimed in ~ recruiting new drivers yet now it seems as if there’s a brand-new approach – guerrilla marketing. That looks prefer Uber is taking come the roads to recruit anyone and everyone with a car and in true Uber fashion, they’re likewise paying out some pretty hefty bonuses for brand-new drivers.


Me Stalking The Uber Brand Ambassador Table

Today’s article will delve right into why Uber is hiring more drivers, just how the Brand Ambassador regimen works and how much you deserve to earn from coming to be a Brand Ambassador.

Aren’t There enough Drivers?

I recognize some of girlfriend are most likely asking yourself this inquiry right now yet the point you have to keep in mind is the Uber’s best interests room rarely aligned with what’s ideal for drivers. Uber has struggled through driver retention, customer service and just keeping vehicle drivers happy. And also when it concerns the variety of drivers it has on the road, Uber’s goals are in ~ the opposite finish of the spectrum together drivers’ goals.

Uber really desires as many drivers top top the roadway as feasible at every times of the day. However drivers actually want the opposite, surge pricing anyone? So right off the bat, you need to understand that Uber is always going to be at odds with vehicle drivers in regards to this component of the business. I understand some chauffeurs don’t like to recruit brand-new drivers because that boosts the variety of active vehicle drivers but do friend think that’s going to avoid Uber from figuring out other means to recruit new drivers?

Let’s confront reality, every the factors that you enjoy driving are the exact same reasons why thousands of new drivers space still signing increase every solitary month. If you’re in search of a secure 10 year career as a rideshare driver, you’re in the not correct industry. So rather of sitting earlier and hope that more drivers won’t join, it may be time to start looking at ways to take benefit of the truth that Uber is so desperate for new drivers.

Uber’s Marketing Channels

Traditionally, Uber has relied ~ above three various methods to recruitment drivers:

Word of Mouth – This marketing channel has effectively dried increase in my mind. In 2013 and 2014, you had people quitting their jobs to drive full time for Uber, taxi chauffeurs leaving their cabs to drive for Uber and also so forth. Those work are long gone though and also while it’s still a viable opportunity for some, I don’t think many drivers are calling up their friends these days and telling them they have to sign up for Uber!

Many of the smaller on need companies like Washio, Instacart, etc have struggled on the supply next to recruit enough drivers because they don’t have the budget plan or the capacity to go exterior of classic paid marketing channels. Uber doesn’t have actually that difficulty though and that is one of the factors why they developed the Uber Brand Ambassador Program.

How The Uber BA regime Works

The gist the the program is the Uber rental ‘Brand Ambassadors’ to was standing at gas stations about the country and also recruit brand-new drivers. They sell perks like cost-free gas cards for signing up and of course sign-up bonuses once you struggle X variety of rides. You obtain paid out as soon as drivers hit their first ride and then one more bonus once they hit their 10th or 20th ride.

The program might vary slightly from city to city however the general idea is that you space trying to do every little thing you have the right to to recruit brand-new drivers and also sign lock up because that Uber ~ above the spot. Uber really likes to emphasize a frictionless experience and also they’ve also partnered up v gas stations so that there is a mechanic on website to facilitate that. The BA goes with the application procedure with the brand-new driver (15-20 minutes) and also then the mechanic will check their vehicle.

At the finish of the sign-up process, the new driver only has to wait the typical 3-5 job for their background check to procedure and then they are prepared for their first ride. Speak about simple sign-up process.

My endure Signing Up for The Uber BA Program

I chose to give this regime a shooting so i did part research and also found two different links wherein you can apply:

I received the first link native a other driver so ns applied and also within a couple of hours, I had actually a solution from someone at Uber. Uber actually contracts the end the BA regime to a third party firm so even though you’re technically recruiting because that Uber, you’ll acquire trained through CW, and paid v them together well.


This is what Uber’s Office hours Looks Like

Within a couple of hours the applying, I gained an e-mail and then a contact from an Uber rep. This Uber rep turned out to work for CW and he offered me details top top the program and also asked if ns was tho interested. I said yes and also within a few days I got an e-mail from another CW/Uber employee with information on the cultivate session ns would must attend.

The training conference was organized in Anaheim at the exact same place and time as Uber office hours. I was paid $50 for the training session and also while it was claimed to critical two hrs it finished up only being approximately 75 minutes.

(I never ended up acquiring paid for this session but after a couple of follow-up e-mails, CW/Uber took care of it).

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There were an alleged to be six of united state total however two people didn’t show. That the 4 of us, ns was in reality the only driver. The various other three had seen ads top top Craigslist and were all working full time or part-time but wanted part extra income.

The training consisted of a brief powerpoint but the vital takeaways because that me to be the following:

New promo Terms: when this regimen launched, brand-new drivers were obtaining $50 gas cards just to sign up and BA’s were obtaining $40 simply for signing vehicle drivers up on the spot. But it transforms out that countless of these new drivers were never offering their very first ride and there were likewise some concerns with fraud (certain motorists just maintained signing up and getting multiple gas cards – awesome haha). Ns actually initially signed up to be a BA since I figured it would certainly be insanely simple to give away $50 gas cards and also get $40 myself, guess ns was too slow-moving though