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Sept 18. Update: This story has actually been updated per Twitter relenting to public pressure and also offering the chronological timeline.

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It\"s no mystery that Twitter is a chaotic and messy society network (use its quality filter if you\"ve got trolls), and also that\"s not also talking about it\"s poorly designed app.

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But currently that Twitter is taking attributes away indigenous third-party clients, the company\"s official application is the only video game in town.

For years, individuals who wanted a chronological timeline -- one unmodified by algorithms -- had actually the choice of using one of those third-party alternatives. Yet as those users go back to Twitter, and also find tweets native strangers that they never ever asked to follow in their timeline, they\"ll most likely start muttering.

Twitter think it to know best, and thinks that you treatment what contents your girlfriend Like. It frequently slaps content right into your timeline, under a headline often referred to as \"in instance you missed it\" -- yet there is a systems for acquiring right to the tweets girlfriend actually desire to see.

On Sept. 17, Twitter caved and also finally readily available a setup to disable its algorithmic tweaks, and give customers a chronological timeline.

How to deal with your timeline

In the Twitter app, Tap your profile icon, pick Settings and also privacy, tap contents preferences, and also turn off \"Show the best Tweets first.\"

Here\"s the old method, if you\"re curious:

For part reason, Twitter\"s list — wherein you can produce a different timeline — are safe from any kind of of this algorithmic chicanery. Just a clean, chronological ridge of tweets.

To start, open a file of who you follow. ~ above desktop, click the 3 dots. On mobile, click the gear icon. Then, select include or eliminate from lists. Choose create list, name the list (Correct Timeline functions for me) and click save list.

Next up, repeat the above, yet this time adding additional human being to the list you\"ve made. It may take a while if you monitor a ton of human being (I\"ve gained thousands), but it\"s precious it in the end.

Then, to find your lists, click on your profile icon in the peak right corner and also select Lists. Now, pick one of her lists, and also you\"re analysis an actual, appropriately sorted timeline!

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