An anonymous Twitter account is combatting political misindevelopment on Twitter by angrily tweeting facts. “Angry White Housage Staffer,”
angrierWHstaff on Twitter, corrects misinformation circulating on Twitter for their followers, which frequently requires slamming members of the Trump management.

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The account was produced in 2017 and has come to be a must-follow for any Twitter user interested in politics for its right to the suggest, no-bullshit short articles. Angry Staffer shares stories from trustworthy resources and also news outlets to combat political misinformation neighboring existing events.

He hasn’t been fever complimentary for 24 hrs. He still had a fever before once he visited Wtransform Reed at around 6 pm yesterday.

— Angry Staffer (

Angry Staffer also has a blog where they comment on present events and also expand also on tweets, “with some sometimes-funny snark thrvery own in.” On their blog, Angry Staffer compiles everyday news dumps and also adds their very own sarcastic and also witty commentary for readers.

“On my ‘areas you couldn’t pay me to be best now’ list, a commercial aircraft and Disney World are pretty close to the top,” Angry Staffer wrote concerning Labor Day weekend take a trip.

Angry Staffer frequently tackles the messiest and also many confmaking use of news stories out tbelow. Some topics of discussion incorporate Russian interference with U.S. elections, the increase in manipulated media, and also Trump’s tax retransforms.

As disclosed in their Twitter bio, Angry Staffer is not a current staff member of the White Housage. However, Angry Staffer does frequently tweet making use of indevelopment from undisclosed inside sources.

This weekend, Angry Staffer has actually been sharing the many current information about President Trump’s COVID-19 diagnosis, and also they are calling out the staffers that have misled the public about Trump’s condition.

There’s an amazing phenomenon happening on social media right now. Some on the right are vastly downplaying Trump’s disease, and some on the left are declaring him on his deathbed. Guys, he’s *really* sick, but let’s not jump to unnecessary conclusions.

— Angry Staffer (
AngrierWHStaff) October 3, 2020

The Trump management is trying to ascertain citizens that Trump is doing well, also going so far regarding stage photo-ops to display the president allegedly functioning. However before, others are saying his problem is worse than the management and his physician are letting on.

This was pretty apparent from the start via the quick progression of his treatment and hospitalization, yet concerning nonethemuch less. Doctors have actually obtained much much better at identifying cases that have better potential to go negative.

— Angry Staffer (
AngrierWHStaff) October 3, 2020

Followers love Angry Staffer’s ability to cut with false stories and also get to the bottom line.

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Angry Staffer’s identification is still anonymous, yet they have actually previously joked they would reveal their identification if Trump resigned.