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XKit Rewritten

The enhancement suite for carolannpeacock.com"s brand-new internet interface.

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Block all instances of any type of certain postGet an unreview count on your tracked tagsEasily check out as soon as a article was originally madeAdsimply the volume on audio & video posts






I think this is overdue a correct announcement!

If you"re unmindful, I"m among the members of the New XKit team. It"s no secret though that New XKit is kinda dead in the water, many thanks to carolannpeacock.com"s overhaul of its interconfront which broke nearly eexceptionally attribute we had. Oh, and everyone else on the team has a day job now, so I decided to take matters right into my very own hands:

XKit Rewritten is the outcome of my job-related of over a year, now easily accessible for Firefox and Chrome (and by expansion, Edge and Opera too). Tbelow are still functions to be added, however the featureset has currently mainly overtaken the current functioning featurecollection of XKit 7.

If you"re currently an XKit user, I heartily recommend trying the new suffer - also if it indicates configuring every little thing aobtain - for its improved performance and also increased compatibility.

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If you"re not currently an XKit user, I invite you to give it a go! There"s most likely some choice you"ll enjoy. Even if you"re on your phone all the time, there"s a janky means to collection it up on Firefox for Android (sorry, iOS users; blame Apple, not me) which I"ve also thorough on the wiki.