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\"Trust Nobody, Not also Yourself\" is one exploitable catchphrase associated with a photoshopped image of a teenage boy pointing a gun in ~ a clone the himself the went viral virtual in September 2014.


The original picture was first posted virtual by Twitter user
MohamedKamoul top top June 8th, 2014, though the tweet was subsequently gotten rid of from his feed shortly after it started to take turn off on the microblogging platform. Before its deletion, the post gathered at least 3,800 retweets and 3,110 favorites.



By mid-June, multiple screenshots of the initial tweet and also duplicate articles had started to surface ar on Twitter, Tumblr and elsewhere online, consisting of CringeBlog,<2> MemeCenter,<3> Imgur<4> and FunnyJunk,<5> with many commenters highlighting the trifecta the its cringeworthy, thug life and 2deep4u facets in humor. On December 4th, 2014, a photoshop inquiry thread to be posted on 4chan\"s /b/ (random) board through the original image, which walk on to generate a collection of photoshopped remixes showing other personalities in ar of the teenage boy and his clone. Return the thread is no longer available on 4chan, screenshot of the compilation were quickly posted ~ above the /r/4chan subreddit.<1>



<1> Reddit – trust nobody not even yourself

<2> CringeBlog – to trust Nobody…Not also yourself

<3> MemeCenter to trust No One

<4> Imgur – through he inscription \"Don\"t to trust nobody not also yourself.\"

<5> FunnyJunk – Cringe comp numbruh 1

<6> Twitter – MohamedKamoul

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