Donald Trump"s international policy concepts can usually be synthetic up in one word: wall. As in, the Republican front-runner for 2016"s presidential race wants to build a massive wall surface across the U.S."s southerly border through Mexico.

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It just so happens that wall surfaces play a major role in one of Japan"s most well-known franchises, Attack on Titan, in which humankind lives within walled urban to defend them indigenous the man-eating Titans roaming outside. One Japanese newspaper didn"t waste the chance to fuse Donald Trump with the fear of the fight manga and anime series, and the an outcome is quite spot on.

Appearing in Tokyo Shinbun, the politics cartoon below shows Donald trump card as among the anime"s terrifying, enormous (and nude) flesh-hungry monsters, together he (it?) attempts come breach a walled city. According to a translation native Otaku USA, the cartoon reads "Trump is going to develop a wall around Mexico ... And also destroy the walls approximately Asia."

Two guys in the corner of the image discuss the situation, through one male asking "It"d it is in pretty poor if he actually becomes president, right?" The guy standing beside him responds by saying "Nah, the Titans of Asia will defend us."

The cherry on top is the clever Japanese word-play for the comic"s title. In Japan, Attack top top Titan is recognized asShingeki no Kyojin. The comic has actually replaced the "kyo" part, which means "giant" in the original title, and included another form of "kyo" that means liar. The assignment is the same, yet the meaning is much different.

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It was newly announced the the second season that theAttack top top Titananime has been delayed to enable for the manga to get additional ahead. That means the creators the the anime deserve to follow the established source material fairly than develop original content. The news comes as a major disappointment because that fans who have been waiting patiently, yet if naught else, a promise PlayStation game based upon the first season that the anime is comes soon. You deserve to read much more about that here.

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