Jessica it s okay dumped prior to Christmas. She sends 5 Christmas cards, affecting she BFF, brother, aunt, popular music star, and past music/cello teacher, conference her single, photographer son.

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When a passing asteroid begins to influence how civilization perceive time, one guy struggles to save up with a life that is easily disappearing into the future.

Two artists move into a studio whereby gruesome murders recently took place. One hatches a arrangement to develop a hoax based upon the murders, developing fake paranormal activity to broadcast on society media. However just as his hoax begins to take shape, so does the genuine entity living through them in the studio.

STEVIE D is a humorous crime drama about a Los Angeles building and construction magnate whose just son has actually accidentally killed a linked man. A sinister plan is flower that sends out the son right into hiding when an unsuccessful actor is rental to to fill his shoes and unknowingly take it the hit.

Chicago Med is one American medical drama television collection created by cock Wolf and Matt Olmstead, and is the third installment the Wolf"s Chicago franchise. The collection premiered ~ above NBC ~ above November 17, 2015. Chicago Med complies with the emergency department doctors and nurses that the fictional Gaffney Chicago medical Center.

When her ad agency is took in by a much larger, more powerful firm, Darby"s rivalry with new partner Derrick might blossom right into something else.
Jennie Stanton (Torrey DeVitto) litter the best Christmas parties each year for she company, Petra"s Parties. Things are a tiny different this year, as Petra is retiring and also looks come the...
Stalker to be an American police procedural crime drama television series about victim of stalking and also the detectives that the LAPD"s danger Assessment Unit that investigate the crimes. The display ran because that one season ~ above CBS, native October 1, 2014, to might 18, 2015. The series aired ~ above Wednesdays for seventeen episodes and Monday for the last three.
Chicago P.D. Is one American police procedural drama television collection created by cock Wolf and Matt Olmstead together a component of dick Wolf"s Chicago franchise. The collection premiered top top NBC as a mid-season replacement on January 8, 2014. The show follows the uniformed patrol officers and the knowledge Unit that the 21st ar of the Chicago Police Department as they go after the perpetrators that the city"s major street offenses. The seventh season premiered ~ above September 25, 2019.
A detective hunts under a killer using video clip footage shot by the victim of a massacre in ~ an abandoned gas station.
A documentary that follows Stevie Nicks together she starts writing and recording her first solo album in virtually a decade.
A quite psychiatrist is saved from an accident through a man who, after ~ hitting his head top top a rock, believes that is Santa Claus. Together she registered nurses him back to health and wellness at she institute, he brings the spirit of Christmas come the hospital.
Chicago Fire is one American action-drama television series created through Michael Brandt and also Derek Haas with dick Wolf as an executive, management producer. The is the very first installment of prick Wolf"s Chicago franchise. The series premiered on NBC top top October 10, 2012. The show follows the firefighters and also paramedics working at Firehouse 51 the the Chicago Fire Department, house of Truck company 81, Engine agency 51, Squad company 3, Ambulance 61, and Battalion 25 together they hazard their resides to save and protect the civilians the Chicago.
Major crime is one American tv police procedural series starring mar McDonnell. It is a continuation spin-off the The Closer, collection in the same police division. That premiered top top TNT august 13, 2012, adhering to The Closer"s finale.
With graduation looming, 4 friends obtain together because that one last weekend. Yet a lot of has readjusted since they were student in the first year roommates and also the secrets are about to come out. This will be no plain girls" weekend. And also when the boys show up, it just throws fuel ~ above the fire. CHEESECAKE CASSEROLE is about the friendships the make us crazy, and the lengths you"ll walk to never ever leave castle behind. It"s around the human being who recognize you when you"ve become a stranger to yourself, and also the toughness they offer us to adjust our lives.
Paweł Tomasz Wasilewski (born July 23, 1982), well-known professionally together Paul Wesley and formerly as Paul Wasilewski, is an American actor, director, and producer. He is perhaps ideal known for his multiple duties on the drama series The Vampire Diaries as well as his multiple roles on the anthology collection Tell Me a Story.
American seminary college student Michael Kovak (Colin O"Donaghue) travels to Italy to take it an exorcism course.
Pretty little Liars is one American teenager drama mystery thriller television series developed through I. Marlene King and also is loosely based upon the novel series of the same name created by Sara Shepard. The collection follows the stays of four high school girls who clique drops apart ~ the disappearance of their leader. One year later, the estranged friend are reunited as they begin receiving messages from a mysterious figure named "A" who intimidates to reveal their deepest secrets. The series features an ensemble cast, headed by Troian Bellisario as Spencer Hastings, Lucy Hale as Aria Montgomery, Ashley Benson as Hanna Marin, Shay Mitchell together Emily Fields, Sasha Pieterse as Alison DiLaurentis, and also Janel Parrish as Mona Vanderwaal.
The Vampire Diaries is an American superordinary teen drama television collection developed by Kevin Williamson and also Julie Plec, based upon the famous book series of the same name created by L. J. Smith. The collection premiered ~ above The CW ~ above September 10, 2009 and also concluded on march 10, 2017 airing 171 episodes over eight seasons.
Castle is one American crime-comedy-drama tv series, which aired on alphabet for a complete of eight seasons from march 9, 2009, to may 16, 2016. The collection was developed jointly by Beacon Pictures and also ABC Studios.
At the ripe old age of 30, Cameron day has provided up his chances at pro-basketball call and worked out into an indifferent life. A possibility encounter through a beautiful mrs lands that smack in the middle of southern California"s agree beach volleyball scene. A naturally talented true athlete, he appears destined for sporting activities stardom when again till his old demons start creeping in, threaten his chances at success.
Killer Movie speak the story that a truth television shoot that goes awry when its crew finds itself stranded in a remote north town. A killer is ~ above the loose, stalking cast and also crew members one by one. As past suspicions, betrayals and secrets inexplicably come into play, the nightmare of shooting this reality present becomes every too genuine for Jake, the show"s director, his crew and Hollywood starlet Blanca Champion.
Hollywood starlet Sierra"s tough partying gets her sent out to a rehab clinic in the mountains of Utah. Unable to handle the stern head that the clinic Sierra escapes the facility and arrives in the tiny town the Heber, Utah.
Army Wives is one American drama television collection that adhered to the resides of four army wives, one army husband, and their families. The series premiered on lifetime on June 3, 2007 and also ran for seven seasons, ending on June 9, 2013. The show had the largest series premiere in Lifetime"s 23-year history, and the biggest viewership in the 10:00 pm to 11:00 afternoon time slot since December 2007 because that Lifetime. It received favorable reviews and also several compensation nominations, and won 5 ASCAP Awards and one Gracie Allen Award.
Paweł Tomasz Wasilewski (born July 23, 1982), known professionally together Paul Wesley and also formerly together Paul Wasilewski, is one American actor, director, and producer. The is perhaps ideal known because that his multiple duties on the drama series The Vampire Diaries and his multiple functions on the anthology series Tell Me a Story.
Runaway is an American drama collection that aired on The CW from September 25, 2006, come October 15, 2006. The series was developed by Chad Hodge and also was produced by Golly and Darren Star Productions in association through Sony photos Television. In addition to The Game, that was among only two series on the brand-new network no to it is in inherited as formerly aired from either of the predecessor networks, The WB and also UPN. The show was officially cancelled on October 18, 2006.
On July 4th, in the small Broken Ridge, Colorado, the teenagers Colby, his girlfriend Amber and their friends Zoe, Roger and also PJ play a prank v the legend that the Fisherman that kills adolescents with dirty little secrets through his hook in one entertaining park. However, when PJ jumps with his skateboard, over there is an unforeseen accident and PJ dies. The group stays together and makes a covenant to save their secret. One year later, Amber obtain 50 message in her cell-phone saying "I know What girlfriend Did last Summer" and she gathers her friends to find who can have told around their pact. They discover that PJ"s cousin Lance also knows what castle did. Sooner they find that a dark guy wearing slicker is chasing them with a hook to kill each one of them.
Entertainment tonight Canada (branded together ET Canada) is a Canadian entertain news television series, using the same layout as the American entertainment newsmagazine entertainment Tonight. ET Canada airs back-to-back with the American version on many of Global"s stations.
Beautiful world is an American drama television collection about a family members that moves from brand-new Mexico to new York City to make a fresh start on your lives. The series aired ~ above the ABC family members network from respectable 8, 2005, come April 24, 2006, lasting sixteen episodes. Its executive, management producer to be Paul Stupin, who played the same role for Dawson"s Creek.
Darren and Connor are two star-crossed lovers bound together by blood. Collection in a suburban neighborhood, Star-crossed is one atmospheric story of 2 brothers who relationship develops into something an ext than society could ever before handle. Can not to deny their feelings for each various other the two brothers try to hide their partnership from an unkind world but fail. The boys decide the a people that cant recognize them is a civilization thats not for them.
Jack & Bobby is one American drama television series that aired ~ above The WB native September 12, 2004 to might 11, 2005. That starred Christine Lahti, Logan Lerman, Matt Long, Jessica Paré, and John Slattery. The collection chronicled the contemporary teenage year of two brothers, among whom would come to be the president of the United says from 2041 come 2049. The collection was produced by Greg Berlanti, Vanessa Taylor, Steven A. Cohen, and Brad Meltzer.
Drake & josh is an American sitcom developed by Dan Schneider because that Nickelodeon. The collection follows stepbrothers Drake Parker (Drake Bell) and Josh Nichols (Josh Peck) together they live together in spite of having the opposite personalities. The series also stars Nancy Sullivan, Jonathan Goldstein, and Miranda Cosgrove.
One Tree Hill is one American drama television series created by mark Schwahn, i m sorry premiered ~ above September 23, 2003, ~ above The WB. After the series" 3rd season, The WB an unified with UPN to kind The CW, and also from September 27, 2006, the series was broadcast by The CW in the United says until the end of its run in 2012. The present is set in the fictional town of Tree Hill in north Carolina and initially follows the lives of two half-brothers, Lucas Scott (Chad Michael Murray) and Nathan Scott (James Lafferty), who complete for positions on your school"s basketball team, and the drama the ensues from the brothers" romances.
CSI: Miami (Crime scene Investigation: Miami) is an American police procedural drama television series that premiered top top September 23, 2002, on CBS. Starring David Caruso together Lieutenant Horatio Caine, Emily Procter as Detective Calleigh Duquesne, and Kim Delaney as Lieutenant Megan Donner, the series is the an initial direct spin-off that CSI: Crime step Investigation, "transplanting the exact same template and trickery—gory crimes, procedural plot and also dazzling graphics—into while retaining the essence of the original idea".
Scrubs is an American clinical comedy-drama television series created by invoice Lawrence that aired native October 2, 2001, to March 17, 2010, top top NBC and also later ABC. The collection follows the lives of employee at the fictional sacred Heart Hospital, which is a teaching Hospital. The title is a pat on operation scrubs and also a term for a low-ranking person because at the beginning of the series, many of the main characters are medical interns.

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Dawson"s Creek is one American teen drama television collection about the fictional stays of a close-knit group of friends start in high school and continuing in college that ran native 1998 to 2003. The series starred James valve Der Beek as Dawson Leery, Katie Holmes as his ideal friend and love attention Joey Potter, Joshua Jackson together their fellow finest friend Pacey Witter, and Michelle Williams as Jen Lindley, a brand-new York City transplant to the fictional city of Capeside, Massachusetts, wherein the series was set. The show was created by Kevin Williamson and also debuted on The WB on January 20, 1998. It was produced by Columbia TriStar television (renamed Sony photos Television before the sixth and also final season) and also was filmed in Wilmington, phibìc Carolina.