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Changing my rotors and also pads because that VIR this weekend... Anyone know the size and also torque specs for the caliper clip bolts therefore the task goes quicker? BTW ns allready have loc-tite because that the bolt re-install.

Brian,Don"t recognize the bolt size. I have the GM component number at home. Afternoon me and also I"ll get it to you tonight.Manual claims to replace them, but I reuse mine together I change my rotors frequently. I perform put new locktite on though. And, i did change them every this winter because that the brand-new season.Torque spec for the caliper clip bolts is 125 ft-lbs.
WHOOAAA Wait a mintue. STOP!What Bolts room we talking around CAUSE there is a difference of 100 ft-lb!!!!!!!!!!Here is a picture

The Gray big Bolts space 125 ft-lb. These organize the caliber bracket i m sorry the caliber is bolted to. They room in the inside of the picture.and the silver Bolts which you unbolt to take turn off the Calibers are 23 ft-lbsGet a Helms hand-operated they space cheap and very good I have one because that every auto I have actually owned and the information is great!!!!!! do an web search.

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Thanks... I understand which are which =) I changed my pads to eagle blues tonight and bedded castle in. Guy they bite =) ns didn"t do the rotors as I don"t have a 21mm socket! my rotors room fine however I"ll need to keep an eye on the tiny heat checks in the prior ones. Tomorrow should be a blast!
Thanks... I understand which are which =) I readjusted my pads to hawk blues tonight and bedded castle in. Male they bite =) ns didn"t carry out the rotors together I don"t have actually a 21mm socket! mine rotors are fine however I"ll have to keep one eye top top the tiny warm checks in the prior ones. Tomorrow need to be a blast!
I carry out my with air tools and it is so easy!Helms manual and also air tools need to be on friend list. I guess finding Alantis too.I will be in ~ Motor sports Ranch Texas tommarrow.Best of Luck to you and also I am certain you will certainly be having fun!!!!!!

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