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Nini Nguyen is fairly pleased with herself after winning the 2nd elimination an obstacle with her spoonbread through shrimp etoufee sauce: “All the other contestants room feeling, ‘This girl deserve to hang.’ ” climate there’s guilt-ridden Eddie Conrad, who offered a good third the his team’s $1,500 spending plan just ~ above his lamb dish while resulting in the Natalie Maronski to be got rid of for not having sufficient lemons for her curd pie dish. It to be even much more crushing since she winner the first challenge.

9:03 p.m. Brian Young teases bathroom mate Brandon Rosen for utilizing a level iron because that his hair. Brandon counters the Brian is choose Fonzi with glasses as he flaunts his own hair.

9:04 p.m. Ah, jingle bells space ringing and also wreaths are decking the kitchen. That is why this yuletide episode is referred to as “Naughty and Nice.” The guest judges for the Quickfire difficulty are Season 8 All-Stars champ Richard Blais and Season 14 winner Brooke Williamson. David Viana claims he is geeking due to the fact that he has actually a guy crush ~ above Blais. Awkward!

SEEPadme, the judges and also the contestants share story of holiday traditions in this preview

9:05 p.m. Padma Lakschmi, who is supposedly too special to wear one ugly holiday sweater choose the 2 judges, describes that the Quickfire requires the chefs to do their ideal holiday dish – in just 30 minutes. And they only have actually 2 minute to shop in the pantry. Me think she is gift a small Grinchy. There space boxes through name tags intended to carry their ingredients and also they can only cook from what fits in their box, nothing else. That course, there is a foolish dash – or need to that be dasher — to grab stuff. Adrienne Wright take away broccoli and cheese because that a casserole. Kevin Scharp tons up on lots of flour and also doesn’t also know why. Brian doesn’t think his ingredients will even make a dish.

9:07 p.m. Padma says that, prior to they cook, the chefs must play a vacation game. ”Anyone ever heard the White Elephant?” Boston-based Brian jumps up and down and also says, “We contact it a Yankee swap. A mean-spirited Christmas gift exchange.” They attract knives and also Pablo Lamon goes first. He deserve to pick any box but his very own but one more chef can select to seize his brand-new one. He picks Eddie Konrad’s and it is quite good, v eggs, potatoes. Broccoli, pancetta and heirloom tomatoes. David takes Eddie’s, with eggs, corn, beef rib and also Jamaican jerk chicken. Eddie snatches David’s box. And also on and also on. Kelsey Barnard Clark picks Brian’s, which basically only has bacon and also asparagus.

9:10 p.m. Kelsey is required to execute a play on bacon-wrapped asparagus. Sara Bradley flourished up Jewish, therefore she is do a beat on chopped liver through fried chicken wings and also a fried egg. She would brag to she friends together a kid, “You had actually one job of Christmas? I had actually eight days of Hannukah.” Justin Sutherland gripes after coming to be a victim the Kevin’s flour fixation.

SEEIt’s boxing day during a holiday-themed Quickfire on peak Chef

9:12 p.m. Who had the judges’ least favorite dishes? Eddie, who made a “muddled curry” out of Nini’s ingredients. Justin’s creation was too much of a “salt bomb” with all the pork products. Kelsey didn’t stupid anyone with her skimpy asparagus and also cubes that ham.

9:15 pm. Time for great news. Sara got kudos for her play on fried chicken liver. David likewise gets worship for turning leeks right into an actual noodle. Nini likewise is applauded for what she did through Sara’s box, through apples blended with nut and also cranberry chutney. That wins? David. This is the second time in a row that he has actually won the Quickfire. Brooke, who was well-known as the Quickfire Queen in she season asks if that is top top his method to gift the Quickfire King. He now has immunity in the removed challenge.

9:16 p.m. The chefs are sent earlier to the Old Kentucky residence away home. There, a huge dining table beautiful decorated together Tom Colicchio and Graham Elliot walk the end to greet them. They have actually made them “a nice little spread.” That’s placing mildly. Climate someone else reflects up – a master of French cuisine, Eric Ripert. The chefs, especially Eric Adjepong, lose their minds a bit.

9:18 p.m. Padma, Richard and also Brooke prevent by. They raise their glasses and toast together they storage Le Reveillon de Noel – Christmas Eve. Tom tells them at his residence they commemorated the Feast of the seven Fishes. The chef-testants share your own household traditions. Padme, ever the killjoy, asks if they what is absent from this festive feast? Why 13 desserts, the course. And there just happen to it is in 13 cooks.

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9:22 p.m. The chefs are given two hrs to do their desserts. Padma claims they will need to share space and tools in the kitchen. Eddie notes that it is midnight. Again, they have to run around and dig up ingredients.

9:27 p.m. Kelsey tries come make 3 desserts, macarons, pot de crème and biscotti. Kevin attempts a ricotta cake. Eric walk an African variation of a beignet. Brian mixes shortbread through jam. Adrienne make the efforts an almond dacquose. Eddie does a sort of shortcake. Nini make the efforts a vacherin, a combo of ice cream cream and meringue. Eric and Tom to walk in and check the end the action.

9:30 p.m. Padma inquires what Tom and Eric saw in the overfilled kitchen: “Was it a sweet mess?” Brooke: “It was a warm mess.”

SEE‘Top Chef’ judges have actually a holiday surprised for the contestants

9:33 p.m. Time is up and the chefs start serving their desserts.

9:40 p.m. Bedtime for worn down chefs if the judges dissect their food. Nini’s dish and Kelsey’s pot de crème and also biscotti were standouts, even if she had actually to autumn the macarons. David, even though he had immunity, won over Padme through his shoot glass stuffed through fun. Eddie’s turn on strawberry shortcake likewise won lock over.

9:45 p.m. Kelsey, Nini and Eddie had actually the favourite dishes that the night. Eddie, hearing that, almost faints. Graham liked exactly how he merged strawberries and fennel ~ above his twisted on shortcake. Tom states Nini’s vacheron was complicated in odor but straightforward in execution. Kelsey defines that when her macarons weren’t transforming out she switched come biscotti and Eric praised her coco pudding. But Nini’s take the prize, her second win in a row. You walk girl!

9:50 p.m. that made the the very least favorite desserts? Kevin, Pablo and also Brian get dubbed out. Brian’s excuse because that vinegary bleu cheese mousse ~ above a biscuit: “I don’t have a lot of pastry experience.” Tom tells Pablo there was something not correct with whatever on his plate. Pablo’s pate sucree dropped flat and also his raspberries to be unripe. Kevin’s salty cherries. No good.

9:52 p.m. Padma says ”As silly together Pablo’s dish was. The other two punched me in the palate.” Ripert says Brian’s dish made his neck seize up. So it is down to acidic offense vs. Braided terribleness.

9:55 p.m.

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that is walk home? “Each one of you knew you had actually something wrong with your dish, however you still offered it come us,” states Tom to the bottom three. Padma delivers the coup de grace: “Kevin, please fill your knives and go.”

Next week: OMG! Restaurant wars time already, and with three teams. That way two chefs room going home. Tom is heard saying, “16 seasons and this is most likely the most daunting Restaurant Wars.”



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