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着く (tsuku) arrive (verb)


運転気を付けてください。家に着いたら連絡して下さい。Unten ki o tsukete kudasai. Ie ni tsuitara, renrakushite kudasai.Drive safe, and let me understand when you come home.

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お父さんが公園に着くところだ。O-tō-san ga kōen ni tsuku tokoro da.The dad is showing up at the park.

お父さんが公園に着く。O-tō-san ga kōen ni tsuku.The father arrives at the park.

お父さんが公園に着いた。O-tō-san ga kōen ni tsuita.The father arrived on the park.

学校に着くgakkō ni tsukuarrive at school

時間どおりに着くjikan dōri ni tsukuarrive on time

公園に着くkōen ni tsukuarrive in ~ a park

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