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So very first go to mode on calc. This should be right next to the 2nd button. ~ pressing mode your screen should come up with several stuff favor Deg, Rad, Grad, Norm, Sci, Eng, etc. Now using the arrowhead pad, scroll under to two options. The two options are Classic and Mathprint. Do it walk to Classic and your square root should offer you decimal numbers! Lol hope this helped for your trollie calc. useful Not Helpful

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-36X Pro CalculatorImportant information 2 instances 3 switching the calculator on and also off 3 Display comparison 3 Home display screen 3 second functions 5 settings 5 Multi-tap secrets 8 Menus 8 Scrolling expressions and background 9 price toggle 10 last answer 10 stimulate of to work 11 Clearing and also correcting 13 fountain 13 Percentages 15 EE an essential 16 Powers, roots and also inverses 17 Pi 18 Math...
User manual - web page 3
... 4 levels of continually nested functions and also expressions, which include fractions, square
roots, index number with other instructions.Switching the calculator on and also off . Push T (to darken the screen) or U (to watch the whole entry or expression. The TI-36X Pro screen can depend on the calculator. % \" turns it off& transforms on room lighting, battery freshness, and viewing...
User manual - page 4
...-limit cursor.or \" to move right into the box.4Shows whereby the following item friend calculate
an entrance on the home screen, depending on space, the answer is save in data editor.... That the entry or on the screen to provide additional information concerning functions or results. The calculator is performing an operation.5 6An entrance is displayed either directly to scroll.³&#...
User manual - page 5
... Key to the left and also right of the worths stored in this sample screens. The primary duty is suggested on the screen.For example, % b 25 calculates
the square root of a provided key. Or % s to go back to degrees, radians, or gradians. DEG RAD GRAD to adjust the angle setting to the house screen and perform...
User manual - page 6
.... To rise 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 sets the decimal notation mode. Genuine real results a+bi rectangle-shaped results r±q polar results DEC HEX BIN OCT set the number base used for calculations
. Real a+bi r±q set the format of 3. MATHPRINT mode screens most inputs and also outputs in the mode menu. SCI expresses numbers v one number to...
User manual - page 7
Fix 2Fix 2 and answer toggle key.U n/dU n/dExponent exampleExponent exampleSquare
root exampleSquare root exampleCube root exampleCube root example7 instances of Classic and MathPrint™ modesClassic mode SciMathPrint™ setting SciFloat mode and answer toggle key. Rise mode and also answer toggle key.
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... Through multiple features when you press it. Applicable part of 0) 1: x = 0 2: y = 0 3: z = 0 4: t = 0 5: a = 0 6: b = 0 7: c = 0 8: d = 08 Multi-tap keysA multi-tap crucial is one thatyou access to a big number of calculator
functions. Multi-tap keys encompass z, X, Y, Z, C, D, H, and also g.
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Pressing r screens the last result in memory, also after the calculator
is turned off.This variable is stored to toggle the display result (when possible) between portion and decimal answers, precise square root and also decimal, and also exact pi and decimal. Come recall the worth of ans: • press % i (ans displays on the house screen...
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... As (2^3)^2, v a an outcome of operationsThe TI
-36X Pro calculator supplies Equation Operating mechanism (EOS™) to right.Pressing 3 F F is evaluate from appropriate to left to evaluate expressions.In MathPrint™ mode, exponentiation utilizing theG vital is calculated as x2 and angle unit modifiers.5thExponentiation (^) and roots (x‡). 3%c%i improper fractions. Inserts a character at the cursor. Resets the calculator. Gets rid of memory variables, pending operations, every entries in classic mode ...or denominator.FractionsP %
d1 %˜In the MathPrint™ mode, fractions through ( and also ). The calculator defaults output to the house screen. Outcomes are supported as soon as using P.clears any stored operation, and also ans. ...
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involving a percentage, push % _ after ~ entering the value of the percentage.
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... MathPrint™ modes. The TI
-36X Pro calculator evaluate expressions entered with F and a from left to right in both Classic and also MathPrint™ modes.Examplesq$Use \" come the strength indicated. Calculates the nth root of any type of non-negative value and any odd essence root that a value: 1/x. Provides the train station of a negative value.Calculates the square root that a value.Powers...
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Reminder: A = p×r2g V 12 F square
cm as soon as rounded to one decimal place.18 The area the a one if the radius is 12 cm? Examplep2 V g .... In the default mode, degrees, uncover the sine of p / 6 radians.22 add the two angles and display the an outcome in DMS format. Then set the calculator to two decimal places.-q$$\"\"\"... 20 % m³ difficulty Given the linear duty y = 5x - 2, calculate y for the adhering to values of the calculator that usage variables (such together the solvers) will use the values that worth is ...5 U 2 ... $ 20.21 $ 38.45 calculator provides the least squares method to watch a and b.44
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..., and ! oro\" to choose either the surname or units menus of the very same 20 physical constants.Use # and $ to dough in various areas of the TI
-36X Pro calculator. 2 z T z z z... The real menu. Complicated numbers%ˆThe calculator performs the following complex number calculations:• Addition, subtraction, multiplication, and department • Argument and also absolute value calculations • Reciprocal, square, and cube calculations • facility Conjugate number calculationsSetting the complex format: collection the calculator come DEC mode when computer with in the...
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...¡, -270¡, 450¡, etc., and equivalent because that L1 includes L1.Infinite solutions -The equation gotten in in a Polynomial solver calculation
is returned to the next input line.If making use of fractions, square roots, exponents through zero, or if the you collection a to enter much more than four levels that solutions. The formula go not...

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... Mix new and offered batteries. The batteries can burst or explode, publication hazardous chemicals. Discard offered batteries according to eliminate or change the battery The TI
-36X Pro calculator provides one 3 volt CR2032 lithium battery. How to local regulations. Press firmly come damage any kind of contact through the other components of the case.• From...