I would certainly choose to buy external ssd that I deserve to usage on multiple tools (bootable clones on partitions) want it to work via usb (2008 mac book) up to thunderbolt 2

Not certain just how to put that together & don’t want to buy something that isn’t compatible but choose the newest fastest.

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Any suggestions about how & what

I was considering seagate T5 ? or buying an ssd & installing it in an enclosure (thunderbolt 2) if I have the right to find that. Then getting an adapter, but I am still puzzled around usb C / thunderbolt 3 and also the distinction between that and also thunderbolt 2 (mac book 2015)

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Alex Robinchild

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I understand also the desire to have super quick move speeds, especially with external drives. Let me lay out some details for you.

USB 3.0 (5 Gbps or 625 MB/s)Thunderbolt 2 (20 Gbps or 2.5GB/s)

So, clearly Thunderbolt 2 is faster; 4x much faster.

However before, there’s two problems:

I can’t uncover any tough drive enclosures that usage Thunderbolt 2 as their interface. This is the majority of likely bereason of the recent arrival of Thunderbolt 3.0/USB-CUsing an adapter would certainly serve no real objective to you. There’s only 2 possibilities through USB and also ThunderboltSSD Enclocertain —Thunderbolt2 Cable (20 Gbps)—>Thunderbolt 2 to USB 3.0 Adapter (5 Gbps) —> USB 3.0 Port (5 Gbps)SSD Enclosure —USB 3.0 Cable (5 Gbps)—>USB 3.0 to Thunderbolt 2 Adapter (5 Gbps) —> Thunderbolt 2 Port (Decreased to 5 Gbps)As we say in the computer civilization, your transport rate is just as fast as your slowest connect. In both cases, there’s a point wbelow your max speed is degraded/maxed at 5 Gbps, which is still a fast rate.

So, I would indicate sticking via a USB 3.0 drive enclosure, particularly bereason your Mac has actually USB 3.0 ports.

BUT, if you’re really obsessed through maxing out the deliver speeds, what you can have the ability to perform, is:

Get a Thunderbolt 3 to Thunderbolt 2 AdapterConnect the adapter to your Mac and boom, you’re in business with a 20 Gbps speed.

The drawbacks, is that this is pretty expensive, and also you’d need to buy M.2 SSDs, which are not cheap either. Only SOME of those USB-C enclosures are equipped through Thunderbolt 3 speeds. So really, all the various other ones would certainly be indistinguishable to getting a USB 3.0 enclocertain. I know this is more than likely confusing, I actually had to look it up also. Here’s something to define it better:

“Due to the fact that USB-C is confutilizing as !&&*. Think of USB-C as the physical port, and Thunderbolt 3 as the protocol.

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USB-C have the right to organize USB2/3/3.1, Thunderbolt 3, Audio, Display port, HDMI, and also Ethernet. Plus a couple more I"m most likely forgetting. It can also provide power approximately 100W.

""But, and this is a big one, that all relies on what the device manufacturer has actually permitted. Also have the right to depfinish on the cable connecting the devices together. Phones commonly will certainly have actually USB 2/3, charging, and also probably HDMI and/or audio. Computers can have any type of and all of them.”""

If this helps you, please let me know! I do my finest to assist as many kind of human being as possible!