Picture Size: 4\" x 6Frame Material: manufactured WoodPhoto Protector Material: GlassPicture Capacity: 1Orientation: Horizontal

Our snapshot frames are versatile and can be used for numerous room species and occasions. They do the gift, house decor, and also accent, an individual use, and more. Each framework is closely assembled with quality materials. Each framework is ready-made, an interpretation it is prepared for use! Simply add your prints, artwork, documents, and also hang one of two people vertically or horizontally.

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Mat Included: YesFrame Material: made WoodPhoto Protector Material: GlassPicture Capacity: 1Orientation: Horizontal & Vertical

The heavyweight metal framework is deep, for this reason the Galvanized steel I Love Us snapshot Frame have the right to either stand on its own or with attached easel as a timeless photo frame. Through an easel for tabletop display. It come individually boxed.

Picture Size: 4\" x 6Mat Included: NoFrame Material: MetalPhoto Protector Material: GlassPicture Capacity: 1

Beautiful hand drawn architecture is published on this framework with archival ink and also paper. This framework hold photo on a sheet metal square with 4 super-strong rare planet magnets. Deserve to be hung on a wall, or set on a desk/shelf with the contained peg.

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Picture Size: 4\" x 6Frame Material: Metal; WoodPhoto Protector Material: open FramePicture Capacity: 1Orientation: Horizontal

The clean lines of the Complete photo frame/Poster framework make the look elegant. The use of premium MDF composite wood provides this rectangular picture frame, made by hand, an even and smooth texture. The deep tone of the complete is unvarying and also serves to loan the 1” framework welcome refinement. A clear glass or plexiglass cover, depending upon the dimension chosen, keeps the photo, picture, or certificate spring crisp. A rigid earlier serves to offer added strength to the wood frame. You have the right to hang the Complete picture frame/Poster frame, obtainable in numerous sizes, in a contemporary setting.Picture frames smaller sized than 12 x 18 inches are closely and totally assembled v glass facing and a resilient backing with two machine-cut, low-profile wall surface hangers because that both horizontal and vertical hanging. Ours frames larger than or equal to 12 x 18 inches incorporate clear acrylic facing, a strict cardboard backing hosted in location by steel \"flex tabs\" and also hanging hardware. Some assembly is compelled to connect the hanging hardware come the frame. Hanging hardware includes (2) 1\" Nails, (1) 30lbs capacity wall surface hanger, (1) 4' length of hanging wire, (2) D-rings, (2) 1/2\" screws that will allow you to orient your frame vertically or horizontally. Prior to hanging your frame, please remember come peel turn off the clean protective movie from the acrylic facing for best clarity.

Frame Type: single Picture FrameSet: NoNumber of Frames:Picture Capacity: 1Mount Type: Hanging