Description: 9 seconds sound clip from the Step Brothers (2008) movie soundboard.

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You can hear this line at 00:24:08 in the Blu-ray version of the movie.

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- We are so significant, guys.

- You"re fucking high! -Are you out of your mind?

- This goes in Robert"s wall safe and it"s gonna stay tright here.

- No!

- Okay.

- This residence is a fucking prison! -On earth Bullshit! -In the galaxy of This Sucks Camel Dicks!

- Hi! Aunt Carol. Aunt Carol.

- Hey. You can not catch me.

- I gotcha. I gotcha.

- Aunt Carol"s on fire!

- I don"t recognize where you learned it.


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Step Brothers (2008) Sound Clip


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Actors: Will Ferrell (Brennan Huff), John C. Reilly (Dale Doback), Richard Jenkins (Robert Doback), Mary Steenburgen (Nancy Huff), Adam Scott (Derek Huff), Kathryn Hahn (Alice Huff)

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